Sylvana Chapter 2: The Arrival

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We were in a private underground garage, with only room for one car. The elevator was already downstairs, with its door open. The driver of the limousine asked me to wait down here with him, while Sylvana and her other goon took the first ride up.

As soon as the doors of the elevator were closed, I was delivered a prepared speech.

“Hear me up punk. Ms. Sylvana likes to have fun, but her pleasure is only for the night. You do as she says and when your two are done, you are out. Even if she lets you spend the night with her, it doesn’t mean anything. You are just an adventure. Is that clear?”

“Loud and clear skipper. So, will we be alone, or will you two join us for the fun?”

Less than a second later, I was pinned to the wall, with my feet a few inches from the floor.

“I’d stay polite if I was you, or you won’t make it upstairs.”

I was saved by the elevator door opening, so he let me down, and we both entered the elevator.

There was no current floor indicator, and there were only 2 floor buttons, labelled “B1” and “P”. I also noticed that the elevator had a front, and a back door. The front opening button accessible, but the back one was actually a key lock.

When we finally reached a stop and the door opened, all I could see a small anti-chamber. On the left were an empty wardrobe and a small dresser, while the right wall was actually a full size mirror.

After both of us entered the cubicle, the goon simply said. “Strip completely naked before coming in, and go up, she’s waiting for you.

I replied “What? Completely?” but I was too late. He had already reached the elevator and its door was closed. I noticed that instead of a push button to call the elevator and open the door, it was actually a key lock also.

I tried the door knob in front of me, but it was locked also. With nothing to lose, I undressed a little uneasily, only to discover that in the mean time, the door had unlocked.

I wasn’t prepared for the sight at the other end. I was standing, completely nude, on a small floating dock. The whole room was vast, probably a good 4 floor high from my level, and at least 30 feet by 50. But the most surprising feature was the floor or rather, it’s absence.

Well, there was a floor, but it was a good 15 foot underwater, for the whole room, from wall to wall, was a giant pool, with a giant wooden ark floating in the middle, anchored by chains to the four corners of the room. I could see that under the ark, there was still a good 3 feet of water.

The door closed behind me, and when I tested it, it was locked again.

A wooden platform gradually extended from the ark, slowly going down in direction of my small platform. “Go up” I was told from a speaker near the door, so as soon as the platform stabilized, I walked up to the top of the ark on it.

As I reached the top of the ark, I checked my surrounding. The only light was coming from the ceiling of the room. There were no windows, no other doors. The water was relatively dark, receiving little illumination from above. Faintly, I could hear the sound of the motor raising the platform again in closed position. As I looked, I discovered that the small platform I once stood on was gone, possibly retreated into the wall.

I was slowly realizing how precarious my position was. I was prisoner on a floating boat, in the middle of a room filled with water, with the only exit locked. And I was completely nude.

The floor of the ark itself was flat, with a single trap on the floor. Once opened, I could see some dim light coming from inside the ark, revealing a winding staircase.

At the bottom was a small room with a velvet curtain. I opened the curtain to see Sylvana, lying as nude as I was on a beautiful antique bed.

She motioned me to join her. “Don’t be shy. I picked you. You are my toy for the evening.”

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