Sylvana Chapter 9: Her Evening

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“Just relax and let me work for now” were whispered by Sylvana to calm the blonde lady. Expertly, she started kissing her partner’s navel, slowly descending toward her crotch.

After only a few seconds, Sylvana was licking the blonde’s clitoris, giving her a lot of pleasure. The Blonde was holding Sylvana’s head with her hands often pushing her away to cool down when things got too much out of hands.

Frantically, I was switching the view between the various cameras. Should I be looking at Sylvana’s moist pussy from behind, or the blonde’s exposed breasts ? Do I really want to miss the expression on her face as Sylvana was massaging the sides of her vagina with her tongue ?

I could see 4 pictures at the same time on my screen, but that was still only a quarter of the cameras pointed to the sexy duo !

I didn’t know how Sylvana managed to make the perfect video in so little time every morning but I personally couldn’t focus on anything in particular.

After a few vocal orgasm which made my dick twitch in my pants, Sylvana asked her toy of the evening if she was ready to reciprocate.

The blonde started by kissing Sylvana’s breasts, sucking on them like an infant wanting milk from his

mother. She tried to get higher to kiss her partner by the queen of the night pushed her downwards.

Rejected but visibly not emotionally affected, she decided to slowly bring her hand down Sylvana’s stomach until she hesitantly penetrated her with her middle finger.

At first, my ex-partner didn’t seem to react but slowly she got into the mood and closed her eyes, partially opening her mouth to breathe easier.

As soon as she got a good established rhythm, the blonde relaxed a little and resumed sucking on Sylvana’s breasts, alternating between them.

Sylvana appeared to be floating in space but still managed to caress her partner’s breasts. I realized that when Sylvana had been pleasing the lady, she hadn’t actually done anything with her breasts.

I thought back on my own session with Sylvana. It had been a pure experiment in genital contact. In the first half of tonight’s experience, the actions were basically identical in emotion but with different equipment.

The Blonde however, was returning the favour to the Queen of the night with full passionate intentions and Sylvana seemed to appreciate.

Instead of simply repeating over and over the same pattern, the blonde was visibly aroused by her own actions and seemed to enjoy giving pleasure almost as much as when she was receiving it.

Eventually, the blonde buried her face into Sylvana wet pubic mound and was trying to pleasure our common lover with as much enthusiasm as possible, despite visibly not knowing what to do.

A common misconception that many man have is that just because a woman as a pussy, she knows how to perform a cunnilingus which is far from the truth. Receiving oral sex and performing oral sex are not only two different things, but each girl is different.

Perhaps men simply do not stop to try and see the small differences between their partners. Perhaps they don’t see that some prefer attention to the clitoris by the tongue while some prefer a sucking action. They don’t realize that some really enjoy oral sex and should be climax before penetration while for others, it’s just foreplay.

To make it clearer, just because I have received a fellatio from about a dozen different woman doesn’t mean I would be able to properly suck the dick of another fellow.

Back to the action, Sylvana corrected her pupil on technique a few time but as time went by, she gave less and less directions and was more and more out of breath.

After a few minutes, Sylvana climaxed loudly enough to force me to mute my laptop, out of fear of being discovered. I felt slightly jealous since Sylvana wasn’t as vocal when it had been my time and I’ve always fancied myself as being a lady’s men.

The two girls cuddled on top of the blankets, with the blonde kissing Sylvana’s neck, but I noticed that Sylvana never actually kissed her lover anywhere above her shoulders.

I really think she has a problem with those one night adventures. Perhaps she wants more but is afraid to go for it. This is something I hoped to change.

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  1. ktrip Says:

    Wow, I am not sure to feel aroused or disturbed at this chapter.

    It is both sexy and repulsive because of the coldness of the lead character.

    What is Sylvana’s problem exactly ? I am sad to see that no future chapters of Sylvana have been scheduled yet and your story introduction doesn’t help me feel positive either.

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