Sylvana Chapter 3: My evening

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I approached the bed slowly while looking at her luscious body. “You are the most exquisite woman I have ever seen”.

“Shush… no talking. I can see that you are ready, but you need to prepare me. Lick my pussy, boy”.

I hesitate a moment. I am not used in letting my sexual partner lead the way, but then again, I am not used in having sex on a wooden ark at the top of an office building.

I decided to oblige, positioning myself between her legs, sucking her lips until my saliva was met with her own juice.

She then pushed by head aside and asked me to lay down on the bed. After placing a condom, She placed herself on top of me, shoving my dick inside of her.

I could feel the strength of her pelvic muscles acting on my erection, gripping me as she was grinding her clitoris on my pubic hair. Once she got in a good rhythm, she took my hands and placed them on her breasts, asking me to play with them.

I was surprised to discover how firm they were. It as if nature had decided to give this lady everything to be a perfect sex partner. Her curves were just defying normal female anatomy.

Most of the other guys she fucked were probably already lost in the passion, but something was missing for me.

Sure, physically, she was doing wonders. The best fuck in my life. But it was all empty. There was no emotions anywhere. It was like having sex with a robot. There was no variety, no surprises. I just laid back on the bed and let her fuck me. I liked to do more than just wait patiently. I mean, she had a perfect setup for a porn movie but she restricted herself to a single position.

I noticed a few times that she adjusted her pace whenever I came closer to orgasm, in order to prolong the pleasure, but once again, it was all technical. Hey, we didn’t even kiss once !

It was all as if this setup had been created for a love goddess but that instead one of her maiden decided to occupy the location in her absence.

This lady simply wanted to have one night stands and I respected that. But she was doing them like man usually do it, and I can’t settle for that. One way or another, I would break the emotional seal and I would make love to that woman, not just play with hydraulics.

She eventually came, increasing the pressure on my dick so it would be simultaneous.

It should have been satisfying, but this time, my mind was elsewhere. Instead of being left as exhausted as she was, I was restless.

I had a plan, and I only needed to let her find her sleep to put it into motion.

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