Sylvana Chapter 15: Acceptance

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Sylvana had opened up a hole in her barrier by kissing both of Linda and I.

To encourage her to open up some more, as soon as she returned to kiss me, I lead her by the hand back on the bed where we laid down.

To my relief, Linda followed suit and installed herself so that Sylvana would be rested between the two of us.

I continued stroking Sylvana’s hair while kissing her passionately. Linda started kissing Sylvana’s neck and slowly rose up to her ear.

I felt Sylvana pressing her body against my clothes. She even started fondling my genitals over my pants, but I made sure she didn’t break the kiss.

When she did, Linda closed in and forced Sylvana to pivot to face her.

Both naked woman were wantonly rubbing their bodies against each other while using their hands to caressing their partner.

There was a distinct difference with their first encounter. First of all, instead of alternating between one of the woman initiating all of the action and one receiving it, they were beginning a passionate mutual love-making session in which both partners were both responsible for their own and the other girl’s pleasure.

I definitely felt more aroused this time around. The way the two girls caressed each other was both sensual and erotic in an intense passionate setting.

After a few minutes of sensual embrace, Sylvana broke her kiss and began to orally stimulate Linda, who was clearly in a more receptive mode than for her first Sapphic cunnilingus.

I could have felt ignored in my corner, but instead I pushed Linda into a 69 position in order to get one of the most exciting display I would picture between two beautiful ladies.

Sylvana helped her partner get installed and soon enough they were in a vicious circle of pleasure, alternating between stimulating their partner and relaxing to feel the love they were getting.

I took the opportunity to remove my clothes, being the only person still dressed on board. Linda came first thanks to Sylvana’s experience and I took the opportunity to gently push her aside to prepare myself for my second sexual experience with the Goddess of the night.

After making sure I did have a condom, Sylvana seductively invited me in and made sure to press her lips against mine as I was gently penetrating her lubricated cunt.

I could taste Linda’s pussy on Sylvana’s lips but I saw that Linda was almost already asleep on the other side of the bed, leaving me to focus on my partner.

I wouldn’t get both girls but I would be getting more than almost everyone else: a second chance with easily the most beautiful girl in town.

My first experience had been like Linda’s night prior to my arrival: cold and distant. This time, Sylvana was unchained. She was powerfully active and eager to both exchange pleasure and kisses between the two of us.

I had seen both girls share an intense lesbian sex experience and hoped Sylvana would come soon for my own pressure indicators were close to bursting by themselves.

Twice I had to slow down to give my partner the chance to come but fortunately, when I failed to restrain my enthusiasm for the 3rd time, Sylvana managed to finally climax while I was already filling my condom with the result of our love making.

For this had been much closer to love making than on any of Sylvana’s video. We weren’t just fucking, this was clearly making love.

We both collapsed on the bed. Sylvana joined Linda in a spooning position but I was still restless.

“Do you think you can fall in love with either of us now, Sylvana ?”

“I don’t know, but I wouldn’t mind trying…”

“With Linda or with me ?”

While falling asleep, Sylvana simply managed to let one word out. “Both”.

I stopped at the bathroom to removed my condom. When I came back, both girls were sound asleep. After looking at them for a few minutes, I placed myself next to Sylvana and spooned her.

Tonight, I wouldn’t be lying if I said I had a girlfriend. Tomorrow, we’ll see if I can have two.

But that’s another story.

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