Sylvana Chapter 8: New Arrival

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This entry is part 8 of 16 in the series Sylvana

A good 2 hours after I decided to play a few games on my laptop, I saw the garage door open, and predictably, her limousine entered.

Just like the previous time I was here, the goon and Sylvana left the car, but this time, she had brought back a beautiful blonde girl. This night would be interesting.

Within a few minutes, Sylvana had ridden in the elevator, left thru the back door, stripped naked, walked in the underwater tunnel, ran upstairs to her bedroom and waited for her future lover.

Unlike me, the new girl must have been much nicer, for the driver seemed really polite to her. While there wasn’t any sound to the camera in the garage, I raised a tiny bit the sound to hear the speech in the anti-chamber. I didn’t want Sylvana to hear my computer. I regretted not having brought head phones.

As I expected, she got delivered roughly the same speech as I was, but hesitated even more before stripping. She even yelled at the both doors before finally giving in and removing her pieces of clothing.

I realized that not only Sylvana was watching all along, but also the driver across the full mirror wall. Even thought Sylvana can control from her bedroom the lock, it is the goon himself who unlocked the door.

Looking back at the girl, I realized that like Sylvana, she looked wonderful. Delicate B cup breasts, a little smaller than Sylvana, but an equally attractive figure. Her skin was much paler, like many blondes. She was a little younger, maybe 21 or 22.

Hesitantly, she opened the door to the pool room, but froze, most likely amazed by the sight. I took the opportunity to review my reaction of the previous night on the video archive, only to discover that I had been equally stunned at the view.

Slowly, she climbed the ramp to the top of the ark, checking all around for a sign of life. Once on the main deck, she went directly to the staircase without checking if there was another way in.

She slowly walked down the stairs, one by one, frequently looking down to see if someone was present.

Once on the floor, she went directly to the velvet curtain, behind which Sylvana was laying on the bed.

As soon as the blonde has passed thru the curtain, Sylvana pronounced her magic words:” Don’t be shy. I picked you. You are my toy for the evening.”

The blonde covered herself, and replied, while lowering her eyes to look at her feet: “I’ve never done it with a girl before”

“But you want to do it with me”

The girl turned slightly away, most likely turning red

“I’ve always dreamed to try it. I don’t know if I can though”

Sylvana stood up, and hugged the unsecured lady. Gradually, the blonde returned the favour and wrapped her arms around Sylvana. Their breasts were pressed against one another.

“Ann, don’t worry. We’ll take this slow. I didn’t know it was your first time. I’ll try to make it magical.”

“It already is. What is this place?”

“It’s my own personal fairy tale. And tonight, you are my sleeping beauty. Let me be the prince that awakens the princess in you”

“I’d love that”

So it seems only guys have to shut up…

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