Sylvana Chapter 14: Depression

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The three of us spend what sounded an eternity just cuddled together. Linda had stopped stroking Sylvana’s hair and was just holding her tightly, resting Sylvana’s head on her shoulder.

Tears were slowly dripping down Sylvana’s naked body, with occasionally an erratic droplet choosing a different path and using Linda’s thigh as a resting place.

I was on Sylvana’s other side with my arm behind her back, but my hand extended to Linda’s back as well making me hold both ladies without them appearing to care.

I had break-in to Sylvana’s penthouse because her mystery attracted me like the flame attracts the moth and I had not even thought once about what to do about her friend for the night.

Had it been another man, I might have had to fight him off and I am definitely not muscular.

When I noticed it was a girl I simply turned her off in my mind and dispatched her to a corner of the room.

It was her who returned and decided to become a part of my intervention and I was unable to simply brush her off at this point.

It was never about me simply desiring Sylvana. If I had just lusted for her, I wouldn’t have gone to such trouble. It wasn’t because I was in love with her either. I barely knew her and that was exactly the point of my anger.

What intrigued me was how could someone have build such an elaborate scenario just for one night stands. It didn’t make any sense !

This construction must have cost over a million dollar. Why spend that much just to have sex when you are hot enough to get almost any man you cross ?

Now, I realized that the boat was most likely not built for her sexual activities but that it was most likely initially built to isolate herself and surround herself with security.

The ability to spend all week surrounded by water probably helped her repress for some reason her own anxiety about her years spend captive.

The one night stand possibly came to either break the isolation or to help her convince herself that sex was good and that she was not broken.

I decided to start breaking the silence, whispering soothing and comforting thoughts. “It’s not your fault” or “We’re both here to help you”.

After a few, Linda started adding her own thoughts, making sure that Sylvana knew that we were not going anywhere, that we would be there for her.

I think both of us wanted to continue but we eventually no longer had anything to say. Try finding words to help a girl who was kidnapped and held as a sex slave for 4 years and when you do, come back to me.

But the tears had stopped. Perhaps she simply no longer had any in her but I think we did something. I think we helped things out.

So I resumed stroking her hair. It’s not easy helping someone who is completely silent…

Eventually, she said : “What’s the use. I’m broken anyway. I don’t have anyone in my life. I don’t even know how to live a life”.

Simultaneously, we both tried to hug her, but Sylvana slightly was closer to Linda so I let her go while I responded.

“Sylvana, both of us are there for you. You opened up to us and we will not let you down. I care deeply about you. Why do you think I did all of the efforts to find you ? And Linda, who was terrified at my arrival is still here, holding you. I think she cares about you too.”

Linda confirmed my sweet talking by adding that Sylvana was her first female partner and that she could never forget her.

Sylvana thanked her and hugged her close. After a few minutes, she turned around and pressed her naked body against my clothes and thanked me.

When she parted slightly, I kissed her. I just planted my lips on hers for a few seconds and let go.

I didn’t want to harass her. I didn’t want to make her go back. I just wanted to emphasize that I felt close to her.

To my surprise, she didn’t back away and instead planted a small hesitant kiss on my lips, perhaps the first in many years.

Linda realized the importance of the event and hugged Sylvana from behind, kissing the base of her neck once.

Sylvana turned over and planted a single kiss on Linda’s lips.

We slightly separated and Sylvana thanked both of us. Perhaps we could arrive somewhere…

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