Sylvana Chapter 7: Getting in

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It took me over 2 week-ends to finally detect her WI-FI signal in an office building. I was beginning to lose faith! I went back to my car, where I took out my laptop and digital camera, and went back to my hotspot, after having found a toilet where I could isolate myself.

I knew the building extended higher than this elevator allowed me to go, with a total of 8 missing floors from my estimation. The top button in the elevator was labelled ā€œPā€, most likely for penthouse, and was locked.

On my computer, I did a quick overview of each of her cameras to confirm her apartment was completely empty. I could see that her limousine was out, confirming she was probably already on the hunt for a new lover.

I searched on the internet for tips on how to pick a lock, and found a great site listing common day tools to achieve my goal within 30 minutes. It was a long time, but since I would be in an elevator all along, I would be safe, especially since the entire building was almost empty on week-ends. I only needed to pick an empty floor, and stop working as soon as the elevator started moving. A walk down to a 7-11 gave me all of the items I needed: some paperclips mostly.

After confirming there were no security cameras in the elevator, I started my work. I must be stupid, because it took me well over an hour and a half to finally get the elevator rising, but at least, less than a minute later, I was in her apartment.

Apparently, the only key needed to enter her suite is used in the elevator itself: once outside of it, I was inside a kind of lobby I had seen on the cameras earlier. I also discovered the back door of the elevator I had used the previous time I was here. As such, both elevators could get into her suite.

Walking around helped me confirm which one of my maps was closest to the reality. I made a few modifications, to account for off camera angles, but mostly, I was right about the floor plan. I took as many pictures as possible.

From time to time, I checked the garage camera on my laptop to make sure it was still empty, and I proceeded to the anti-chamber leading to the underwater tunnel. I knew this is where Sylvana entered her ark, so I wanted to try it out.

Once inside the ark, I looked into more details of its functioning. I knew that the light level was adjustable, because during her day, the images were much clearer than those taken during the night. With that in mind, I quickly discovered a control panel hidden in the bedroom, which I had not been able to explore yet.

Light control, platform operation and door locks were all controlled from here. There was also a monitor allowing choosing which camera to view, but only in real time.

After confirming I knew everything, I took some more pictures and hid myself in the only room on the ark without camera: the storage room. I kept monitoring the cameras from the garage to know when she would come back. I of course took careful steps in erasing my visit like I had done previously.

I must admit I checked a few of the videos from her past adventures while trying to pass the time, but still, I hoped she would arrive soon.

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