Sylvana Chapter 6: Watching the Watcher

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At home, I confirmed I was able, thanks to the information I saved from Sylvana’s computer, to login to her computer. I could notably see all of her cameras, and access all of her files. Sylvana was still asleep, so I wasn’t too late.

I started a complete copy of her hard disk to my computer, so I would have a safe copy. A few hours later, after the copy was over, I modified the saved history of the cameras, which were now missing about 20 minutes of recording that I erased on location. I re-introduced copies from the previous 20 minutes into the missing gap. The illusion was perfect, since nothing was moving. I turned them on, removing any hints of wrongdoing.

I used the cameras views to draw a map of her suite, hoping it would help me later, if I succeeded in entering her residence. It was complex, since all I could see was immobile and some doors only had one side in range of a camera being on the same wall as the camera. In the end, I had not one, but 3 possible different layouts, with only little differences between them.

I stayed connected and when she woke up, I watched her move around in her ark alone and still naked. After eating breakfast, she watched some television and then, as planned, she logged on to her computer.

Over the next 3 hours, she took the best views from the 15 cameras that captured our night together and created a real time copy of our sexual activities. It was amazing to see the speed at which she was able to work. It was clear she knew what she was doing.

Once completed, she started a compression of the file to take as little room as possible on her hard-disk. Of course, I took a copy for myself once the process was completed.

Seeing nothing interesting was happening, I went shopping and purchased from my favourite computer store a wireless network detector which lists the name of each of the detected networks.

Judging from the length of the elevator ride, I knew her wireless network most likely didn’t extend to the ground, so I had to enter every tall building, ride as high as I could without security stopping me, and scan every wireless network detected by my new gadget.

When I came back from the store, Sylvana was still home alone in her ark. She was naked on in her living room watching a video I recognized as being our previous night together. I saved a copy of my lover masturbating to our exploits and took the opportunity to join her in the fun albeit at a distance.

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