Sylvana Chapter 12: Anger

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“And who do you think you are ? Who are you to judge me ?”, Sylvana added, furious.

“I am one of your former lovers who doesn’t want to be sent to the curb without a shot at more. I am a man who thinks that you need a serious dose of reality.”

“Do you think you have all of the answers ? I’ll tell you who you are… you are a lying piece of shit who illegally entered my apartment. I should call the police and have you arrested.”

“Maybe you could call the police. I could explain to them how you have videotaped illegally countless number of people to make home porn movies. Or maybe I could just send them an e-mail and leave before they arrive, leaving you to your misery.”

Sylvana attacked me. She threw a few punches but I easily controlled her simply by holding her wrists. Linda even dropped her sheet and helped me pin the angered woman down to let her calm down.

She yelled in severely punctuated syllables: “LET. ME. GO.”

Once we saw she was no longer struggling we both took a step back and Sylvana quickly lunged forward to exit the bedroom.

I knew where she was going so I ran after her to prevent her from reaching her bodyguards through the underwater crawl tunnel.

I didn’t over-extend myself. I didn’t need to grab her before the tunnel and I instead just followed her to keep my energy.

Opening the hatch and crawling in the tunnel would slow her down and place her in a vulnerable state.

However, as soon as she was in front of the hatch she turned around and saw that I was waiting for her to open it. She looked to her left and I remembered there was a small kitchen on the boat which probably meant big and sharp knives.

She hesitated long enough to allow me to grab her and pull her back upstairs where we caught Linda sitting at Sylvana’s computer in the small hidden office.

She was looking at a home made porn movie Sylvana had made with another one of her lovers.

Seeing us, she almost unemotionally said: “It’s all true isn’t it? I was hoping you were the crazy one and Sylvana was right. But it’s all true. She has countless videos on her computer. I didn’t notice it when I was having sex with her, but she was indeed detached and cold in each of those I saw.”

Sylvana yelled something about leaving her things alone but I don’t think either of us really listened to what she had to say.

Instead, Linda continued talking to me.

“Do you really want to help her ?”

“Look at this place. This woman is clearly a romantic who somehow got lost along the way and became cold as ice.”

We walked back to the bedroom while I realized that Linda was no longer ashamed of her nudity. The unfolding events were bigger than just being seen naked.

I gently let the now much calmer Sylvana sit on the mattress, leaving a deep silence in the room. Linda was lost in her thoughts but I was studying our common former lover to see what she was planning next.

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  1. Krey Says:

    “I am one of YOUR former lovers who…

    “Maybe you could CALL the police.

    I knew where she was GOING so…

    Seeing us, she almost unemotionally said: “It’s all true isn’t IT?

  2. The Author Says:

    Wow, I really botched that one. I fixed all of the mistakes.

    Thank you again.

    I hope you are enjoying the stories anyway…

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