Sylvana Chapter 11: Denial

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“But you see John, that’s where you are wrong. I am not without a heart. Just because I didn’t love you doesn’t mean I am incapable of love”

Sylvana had a point and looked quite happy about it. However, I knew better…

“Except that this isn’t just about me is it ? When it the last time you loved someone? I have seen your video collection. Every time you invite someone over you avoid kissing them. You make sure it is as impersonal as possible”

The blonde girl stopped crying and stood up, still holding the sheet to cover her naked body.

“You videotaped me ? How dare you !”

Sylvana kept her ground and denied everything, claiming I was completely deranged.

I decided to quote the blonde. “You said earlier tonight that this was always your dream, to have sex with a woman but that you were afraid to try it. Sylvana even said this was her personal fairy tale. I saw everything live on her cameras.”

This time, we were two against one.

The blonde was furious.

“I trusted you. In the bar you said no one would know. You said it would be our little secret. What were you going to do ? Sell porn movies ? Post it online ?”

Sylvana kept the defensive but this time, her arms were crossed indicating she was no longer interested in continuing this conversation. Sadly for her, I now had an ally.

The blonde kept harassing the queen of the night until she resumed denying everything.

“The cameras are just for my protection. I don’t tape anything. I use them to see my partners enter and follow them on my monitor hidden in the wall”

The blonde turned to me for confirmation but sadly, I wasn’t going to give it to her.

I addressed her personally. “What’s your name ?”.


“Well Linda, I disabled her network connection a little before you started so her computer couldn’t save your adventure. I saved it, but before you leave, I’ll let you delete the files. My presence today has nothing to do with you.”

Linda seemed somewhat relieved and thanked me. That also reassured Sylvana who was starting to look more confident.

“But you, my dear Sylvana, I know you create porn movies of all your conquests and masturbate to them before filing them and forgetting about them forever. I think you have lost touch with what it is to feel emotions, leaving only lust in your heart”

“You claim to know me so much, but you have only known me for a few weeks and visibly only throught my camera. You don’t know what is inside my heart. Perhaps I watch those tapes to find that special person to share my love with, didn’t you think of that ? Perhaps this is just to audition potential partners. You don’t know me at all.”

“Sure, perhaps it’s just an audition. But I don’t believe so. If you were serious about finding love, you wouldn’t avoid people so much. You let them inside your penthouse, but you don’t let them inside you. They can’t kiss you. They can’t really get to know you. You film them, you edit your night of passion and you go to the next one. You don’t even ask them anything about their life.”

“I know enough to make my decision, John”

“If you did, you would know that my name isn’t John. I even admitted it when I gave that name to you. You didn’t care enough to ask me my real name. You never do. I’ve watched all of your little videos. Each of them. They all end the same. You let them leave and go back to bed alone. Don’t keep denying it.”

Sylvana stood there, thinking. But her arms were uncrossed. I had struck a cord. We’ll see what she will do now.

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    “You claim to know me so much, but you have only known me for a few weeks and visibly only THROUGH my camera.

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    Done !

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