Sylvana Chapter 1: The Bar

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I was out drinking with my buddy Alex, as usual, when I first saw her. As she came in all her glory, people separated like the red sea for Moses.

She was flanked by two muscular men who walked a step behind her, with their steps synced.

Alex told me her name, half drooling on the floor: Sylvana, goddess of the nightclubs.

I could understand why… she had a perfect figure, and the loveliest smile I ever saw. Her jet black hair simply floated around her, as she scanned the room with her beautiful dark hazel eyes that momentarily fused with mine.

As she looked away from my direction, I also admired her interesting cleavage, being the man I am. She must have had a nice C cup, 34 maximum. Exactly my type
and like me, she was in her mid-twenties.

She quickly returned her gaze on me. My friend must have chocked on his beer, as he murmured something on my luck. But I couldn’t hear him. I couldn’t hear the music. I couldn’t hear anything but my heart beating for the queen of the night as she locked her pupils onto mine.

I sipped on my scotch, trying to gather a little liquid courage and gently walked in her direction. I should have felt the eyes of her pair of gorillas spotting my every move, but I was enthralled by the mysterious stranger.

Fortunately, they didn’t stop me thought they weren’t my biggest obstacle. There were several empty seats around my object of desire but once close to her, I was unable to determine which one I better used until she actually motioned me to sit next to her.

She opened the talks before I actually managed to utter a word. Her voice was delicate, controlled and filled with hints of a British accent.

“You are a rare specimen. Rare are the man who risk walking up to me”

I took her hand and kissed its back.

“For a jewel as fine as you, I’d walk a thousand steps, and many more”

“And yet, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I am Sylvana”

“And I am seduced by you, dear Sylvana.”

“You are a little prompt, for I cannot be already precious for you”

“But you are… I have rarely seen a woman with your presence, your charisma, your charm”

“So, you think I am beautiful. I thank you”

“No, you are indeed beautiful, but it is not what captured my eyes, for your beauty is only an attribute of the body you inhibit. Inside that shell, there is a vibrant feminine human being that flares up to the power of a powerful reactor: your pristine soul”

She sat back a few seconds, judging me. I am certainly not an Apollo, but I do have my own charm. When going out, I always prefer to wear my black suit, with a nice tie. Alex always says If makes me look like a dork, but I think he simply means that superficial drunk girls will prefer going to his blue jeans.

“You judged all that just by looking at me from across the bar?”

“You did the same with me, when you invited me over”

“But you are wrong, I didn’t”

“In that case, your eyes did. And eyes are the portals…”

“Yes, I know, to our souls. Well, I appear to be at a disadvantage over you, mister, for you know my name, and am still in ignorance of yours”

“Is that a problem? I thought woman preferred mysterious men?”

“Well, I want to know which name to scream later tonight, when we are busy together.”

This time, I am the one who was taken aback. I like flirting with charming ladies, but usually, it was just for sport. I was never really bad with the girls, but they certainly put up a much bigger fight when I approached them, and that was when I was successful.

“That assumes that I am interested in more action”, I replied, to tease her a little more and secure the hook.

“You did walk to me.”

“Call me John.”

“Is that your real name?”

“What does it change? It is certainly one I would enjoy hearing you scream later tonight.”

“In that case John, would you pleasure me with your presence, for I must leave to retire in my quarters for the rest of the evening”

“I would be delighted”

I took her hand, and lead her to her limousine, which was parked in front of the bar. One of her gorillas served as driver, while the other accompanied us in the back. I was clear this wasn’t a rented car but rather her own personal vehicle.

Due to the tinted windows in the night, and the fact I was more preoccupied by my host, I couldn’t see where we were going, but the whole drive lasted, according to my watch, around five minutes.

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