Sam Chapter 19: Supper and dreams

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I came home, still thinking of my new powers and discovered that my plate was already on the table, with my parents having eaten half of their own meal.

I know they spoke to me a few times, but I think I mostly answered automatic replies, still lost in my thoughts.

How are you supposed to react when you learn you have the power of telepathy? I still hasn’t digested becoming a girl, and now, I was what, a superhero?

“Honey, don’t take it badly”, said my mother, taking me out of my daydreaming, “but I think you are turning into one fine lady.”

“What do you mean?”, I asked, puzzled.

“Well, now your ears are pierced, you walk more like a girl, you dress nicer. You seem to really adapt well to you situation. On your birthday, you were clearly a man stuck in a woman’s body, but more and more, you are looking like a proper lady.”

I think I must have had a fearful look in my face, because my father intervened.

“Don’t take it wrong Sam, because that’s quite a compliment. If I had turned into a women over night, I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to act. We are proud of you, of your capacity to adapt. We always were”.

Both my parent placed a hand on my hands, to show they cared about me.

Were they right? Was I truly turning into a women? Was that why I had thoughts about Brian recently?

After supper, I ran into my room, studied a little, did my homework and masturbated, thinking about Anna and Julie as hard as I could, but Brian still snuck in way into my thoughts a few times. Damn it…

And so, I went to bed early, hoping I would wake up with a clearer head.

Sadly, my dreams didn’t help. I first dreamt of having sex with Brian while Annie and Julie were having sex with each other next to us on my bed, in my bedroom.

Slowly however, Brian was replaced by another man in my dream: Samuel, my former self, and my bedroom changed into the courtyard of a monastery.

“I am still there, Samantha, just hidden inside of you, just like you were hidden inside of me until your 18th birthday. Don’t be afraid, this will not last. At the age of 31, we will reunite and we will choose which one of us will move forward.”

An Asian monk was next to Samuel and spoke to me in a thick accent.

“Don’t despair Samantha, we are looking for you. We will find you and we will help you.”

Behind him, was the name of the monastery, written in weird letters.

I woke up, and wrote the best as I could the name of the monastery and turned to Google to find it’s English name.

It was already past midnight, so I didn’t want to make noise to wake up my parents.

After a lot of searching, I discovered that part of the words were “Dgon pa”, or Monastery in Tibetan. The first half of the name was pronounced Dan Kun, but I couldn’t find any translations.

I did find a monastery of that name, but oddly enough, not in Tibet, but Bhutan, a country I had never really heard of before which is next to the former Tibet area and was settled by Tibetans before they claimed their own culture.

I used Google Earth to get a good view of the monastery only to discover that the courtyard area appeared to be almost identical to the one in my dreams.

I did manage to dream of a real place I had never heard of?

Was this part of my powers?

I saved the place in my favorites and went back to sleep, this time, undisturbed by dreams.

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