Sam Chapter 8: Caught

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This entry is part 8 of 20 in the series Sam

I wake up first but quickly realized that a comforter had been placed over our naked bodies.

It was the one from my room and I wondered where it had came from and how it arrived on top of us.

If Anna or Julie had walked upstairs and somehow managed to prevent me from waking up, they would have put clothes on before risking facing my parents but they were still both of them naked.

I gently glided away from them and silently retrieved my clothes from the sofa, tiptoeing naked toward the staircase where I dressed back up.

In the kitchen, my mother was preparing coffee but my father was around.

I sat at the table and waited for my mother to join me with two cups of coffee.

“Mom ? Did you go downstairs last night ?”

“Sorry, I hope I didn’t wake you up… I went down to see if there were guests left and found your three sleeping in front of the fireplace. I decided to bring you something to keep you warm.”

I blushed from having my sex life exposed to the woman who raised me.

“You know, I never judged you when you had threesomes with them. I like them a lot. I’m not going to judge you any harsher now that you’re a girl”

I heard a loud bang from behind me and saw Anna with an all white face standing around pieces from of the plates used to serve food from the party.

She looked like she had seen a ghost and simply said with a trembling voice: “You are Samuel ?? Oh my God.”

She instinctively crossed her arms in front of her breasts, as if I had somehow raped her.

I wanted to hold her in my arms, but my mom was yelling for everyone to stay to not move until she will have cleaned the damage.

Julie had in the mean time run upstairs, topless except for her black bra. She simply said : “Samuel is here ?”.

But in the commotion, I just asked both girls to stay in place and promised I would explain everything in my room.

While my mother cleaned up the floor, Julie slipped her shirt on.

Both girls sat on the bed, next to each other, while I sat across my room on my chair.

“Julie, I am Samuel. I woke up as a woman yesterday morning. I have no idea why or how. My hair was gone, but my body hair were all in my bed. I didn’t want this and I don’t have any control over it.”

Anna was obviously still angry at me, but Julie looked confused.

“Why didn’t you tell us the truth ?”, asked the angry one.

“Tell you what ? That the guy you’ve both dated and knew for years as a guy magically woke up as a girl that morning ? Would you have believe me ? ”

Anna looked ashamed of her reaction and just looked at the floor, whispering “no”.

“I am still me. Inside, I still love you both. I still like the same things I used to. I have the same memories. I remember our first kiss Anna. I remember my first kiss with your too Julie. I even remember the first time you too kissed. Julie, you said Anna tasted like cherry. But apparently, I am a woman now. It’s not like I can advertise it and just ask everyone to understand so I decided to become my cousin”

Julie hesitantly asked: “Wait so you really wanted to ask both of us out ?”

To be honest, I only had the idea while in Samantha shoes and after they confided too preparing a threesome, but there was no need to be honest here…

“Yes. Julie, when we last broke up, it was because I couldn’t take it anymore to be apart from Anna. But whenever I am dating Anna, I am missing you. That’s why a few months ago, I decided to give up on you two and try to find one girl to make me forget the two that make me crazy with love. But it doesn’t work. My heart wants what it wants, and it wants both of you.”

It wasn’t entirely right. I had simply moved on then, but I was no longer in a position to be picky. If my condition persisted, I’d be able to try and find a nice lesbian girl to date but in high school, such women were hard to find. I did have remaining traces of feelings for both girls and that would do for now.

Being more introverted than Anna, Julie generally felt more distant to me. It’s with Anna that I had the closest relationships, but with Julie the most fun. She was always the one who was the most willing for a threesome or other kinky fun.

It thus a surprise that it was Julie who stood up to hug me and tell me she forgave me, giving me a long sensual kiss.

Once she was back on the bed, Anna asked me what we should do.

“If I was still a boy, would you have agreed to both date me at the same time ?”

Anna said a clear yes while Julie nodded.

“Can’t we try it anyway ?”

“But I’m not gay”, replied Anna.

“And I am not either. I am a straight man. But I can’t change what happened yesterday. If you want, in public, we’ll just be friends. We’ll go out to movies as friends, hang out at school as friends, but still date officially.”

“So, do we alternate ?”, asked Anna.

“I don’t know. Last night was amazing. We should definitely have more threesomes. But some time to time, I could have one on one dates. I am not sure.”

“What about us ?”, asked Julie.

“What do you mean ?”

“Well, sometimes Anna and I fool around, just between us. Is that still alright ?”

That’s right, she had mentioned that last night and I had missed it. Perhaps I was too caught in the moment to realize it, but apparently, our threesomes sometimes continued without me.

“I guess. Did it occur often ?”

“No”, replied Anna, while Julie on the other hand was nodding with her eyes closed. I then realized that Julie wasn’t just in love with me. She seemed in love with Anna too. I would have to talk to her about it.

I told both girls that I loved them and both told me they loved me. And then, Julie told Anna she loved her.

Anna looked confused, and Julie simply replied : “If the three of us are to date, we need a relationship you and I. I love you Anna, just like I love Samuel, well, Samantha now.”, and she hugged Anna.

Once the hug was broken, I decided to simplify everyone’s lives by adopting a new nickname and simply go by the name of “Sam”.

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