Sam Chapter 14: Back to school

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I barely slept during the night, so when the sun began peeking on the horizon and illuminating my blinds, I jumped out of bed and once again tried all my clothes.

As a boy, I used to simply wear a random pair of jeans and put on a clean t-shirt. I only insist on the cleanliness of the t-shirt, because honestly, I often wore jeans for weeks in a row without bothering to have them cleaned.

Thus was the life of the American male teenager.

But now that I was a girl, despite not having years of experience being one, I felt I had to look, and smell, nice. I didn’t have to impress the boys, but when I was one, I enjoyed looking at girls with their nice clothes and didn’t want to disappoint anyone now.

Of course, I preferred when they actually removed their clothes, but that’s another subject. I wouldn’t undress for any boy. I might be a girl now, I still didn’t see anything remotely interesting in boys.

I almost went for a skirt, but I stayed conservative out of fear of reactions on my first day and opted for a skinny leg low-rise pair of jeans with nice white blouse.

This one was rather form fitting and it highlighted both my waist and my breasts, something I always appreciated in a girl. I left 4 buttons open after rejecting the idea of loosening up another one which would have shown the color of my bra.

I decided to avoid putting make-up on, after all, it’s not like I really knew what to do with it. I had seen girls put it on and even remove it, but even if you see a surgeon do an open-heart surgery, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do it yourself.

I drove to school and picked up Julie as planned the previous evening. I really wanted to pick up Anna, but we hadn’t made plans and time was too short to make some on the spot.

I parked without really thinking about it and used my usual parking spot. It’s only afterwards that I thought of using Julie for cover: she knew where Samuel parked and helped her cousin find the proper place for his car.

Julie and I parted quickly as we each went to separate journeys: Julie had to give the latest developments to Anna while I had to meet the principal.

Having my old friends welcome my hot cousin was one thing. Being accepted in high school without any paperwork was another and once again, my powers would need to be fully functional.

Meredith, or Mrs Johnson, our school receptionist welcomed me when I explained I was a foreign exchange student and simply made me sit in front of her desk.

I could have pressed on like I had done so many times in the past without realizing I had powers, but I thought I should remain inconspicuous to prevent raising any alarms.

The first bell rang, followed by the second which indicated the beginning of class. Soon, Samuel’s absence would be noticed and Mrs Johnson would call my parents, in front of me, to notify of my absence.

Chances were that my mother would catch on and explain that I was away on a student exchange, but there was always a chance she wouldn’t think about it and panic on my absence.

Fortunately, when the absentee ballot was sent, it was by Burt, one of my friends that was present at my birthday party.

“Mrs Johnson, I have an absentee note for Samuel, but you see, he is away in New Zealand. He is in a student exchange program. His cousin Samantha, sitting right there, will replace him.”

I stood up and saluted Meredith, presenting myself for the second time.

“I didn’t know about a student exchange…”

I thanked Burt and let him leave while remaining under the examination of the secretary.

“Well, Samuel didn’t know either. It was a surprise birthday present from our respective parents. I am from New Zealand and just flew in last Friday. I just turned 18 myself, we were born only days apart, but my parents moved to the other side of the globe soon after”

“Oh, so you are not a US citizen?”

“Well, I was born in the USA, but I haven’t been here since I was born. I am still waiting on a lot of my paperwork”

“Do you have a foreign exchange document?”

“Well, it’s a private one, so no. But we are waiting for confirmation from my school board from abroad. Maybe I could just attend Samuel’s old classes until this is all sorted out?”

“Yeah, fine”, she replied without any enthusiasm. “Just stay out of trouble… I’ll have the principal call you when you are ready.”

“Ok, Thank you Mrs Johnson.”

“Wait, don’t you want your cousin’s schedule?”

“He gave it to me along with a map of the school. I’ll figure my way around. Can’t be too hard…”

I left and slowly walked to my math class. Facing a bored secretary and a single friend was one thing. Attending a class in the wrong gender was another.

I guess it’s a good thing I have magical powers.

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