Sam Chapter 22: Plunging In

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All afternoon, all I could think about was Brian and at first, I thought I would be relieved for school to finally end for the day in order to re-focus my sexual drive toward my two really sexy girlfriends.

But, Brian found me first, and soon enough, I was in his car, going in direction of his house.

I am not sure if he convinced me or if I convinced him and that’s what scared me the most.

People keep saying that women are ruled by they emotions so did I just use my powers to get one of my best friends to have sex with me or did he just found which buttons to push to move me over to the dark side.

Well, I shouldn’t say dark side.. millions of women have sex with men every day in America, so it must be interesting, but I grew up on the other end of that type of relationship.

Losing my joy stick was one thing, but letting another man glide his inside of me was another!

And yet, I could feel my inner walls getting soaked at the thought…

We arrived home and it didn’t take long for both of us to be kissing against his freshly closed front door. The surprise was that I was the one who launched myself at him and he certainty wouldn’t refuse a sexy as hell lesbian girl hitting on him…

Soon enough, we were on his bed, naked. Like I said, I had seen him naked before, but never with an erection. I did have sex with Anna once (or was it Julie?) in the past in a park at night after a double-date with Louis and one of the cheerleaders with both of time deciding to have sex with each other less than what, 10 feet from us! My girlfriend at the time even joked we should do a foursome, but I was too concentrated on her.

Brian was playing with my breasts in a much rougher way than either Anna or Julie had ever done and while I wouldn’t say it was uncomfortable, it wasn’t great.

Oh, Julie, it must have been Julie at the park, since whoever I was with then kept commenting on the cheerleader’s body. Now that I know that Julie was really gay, it made a lot more sense, thought I didn’t know it at the time.

Brian had been stimulating my clitoris with his fingers, but I had to push his hand away since he was way too rough for me. Instead, I asked him to put a condom on.

That’s once thing I had insisted on all of my friends: that they wear condoms. Even if a girl was on birth control, there was no way to know that she always took her pills and it’s not like men had any powers over pregnancies and abortions.

Brian gently entered my still virgin pussy, at least when it came to men, and pressed his body on top of me. I could feel his hairy chest on my nipples and at first, I felt constraint by his superior position but slowly, it was as if my newly female brain began liking it.

Speaking of pregnancies, if a person like me is born female and becomes pregnant a few weeks before her 18 birthday, what happens to the baby when she turns into a man?

That’s weird though. Not the pregnant thing, my thoughts. When I was a guy, having sex made me even more concentrated than ever and yet, I could feel my mind wander in weird destinations, like wondering if he would kiss me again, looking at his wallpaper, thinking about homework.

Is this how women have sex or am I just not into this?

All I know, is that he came while I was lost in my thoughts and I had to lie that I was satisfied by it.

Once my mind cleared, I just explained to Brian that it wasn’t that great, but that it wasn’t his fault. That I was primarily a lesbian but curious about having sex with a man.

I don’t think I was very convincing, but I guess my powers gave the extra push I needed.

But what worried me was the reason I wasn’t convincing: it’s the fact that I wasn’t convinced myself. I had sex with a guy, didn’t get to an orgasm, but didn’t quite feel like this was the end of the story yet.

I rolled next to him and pressed my naked body against his. At least, this I knew I liked…



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