Sam Chapter 9: Dialog

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All three of us moved to the kitchen where my mother had not only finished cleaning up the broken glass but even had time to prepare pancakes.

My father joined us for breakfast and most of us engaged in small talk to pass the time. Anna talked about her grades and asked my mother about her real estate job but Julie stayed silent except when my parents asked her a direct question.

My mother obviously knew about our sexual encounter on the previous evening but my father seemed oblivious to the fact. Perhaps he wasn’t informed yet, after all, my mother tends to wake up early every morning while my father liked to snooze off in bed on the week-ends.

He was surprised to hear that Anna and Julie knew about my transformation and asked them how they felt about it.

“It’s not like we have much of a choice about it. Sam is a very close friend and we’ll support her in this new life”, replied Anna.

“Son, you’re lucky to have such good friends.”

After breakfast, my mother insisted to handle the dishes and instead, encouraged the three of us to spend some time “between girls” to get used to the new situation.

Anna sadly apologized and said she had to run home. Her family was visiting her grandmother and she needed time to prepare.

After confirming I could drop Julie at her house later during the day, Anna gave a big hug to both Julie and I before leaving.

I invited Julie in my room to talk, and I could see that she was visibly preoccupied.

“Something is bothering you Julie. I can tell.”

“Please Sam, don’t judge me.”

“I’d never judge you”

“You were the only man I every felt attracted to. No other man ever managed to attract my attention. You’ve always been the only guy for me”

She seemed afraid but not sad.

“I am still here for you. Underneath this skin, I’m still the same person.”

“You don’t get it Sam. I am happy you’ve change. You’re the only man I felt attracted to, but you’re not the only person I’ve loved. I’ve been in love with Anna for years. I’ve known I was gay since I was perhaps 12 or 13. I never understood why I agreed to date you in the first place.”

Just as I thought earlier. I couldn’t explain why I managed to seduce her in the first place but it perhaps explained why she was so eager for a threesome.

“So what do you think of my transformation?”

“I am so relieved. You cannot imagine! As much as I loved you, I would cry at night after we had sex. I felt dirty. It was as if I couldn’t control myself. I knew I wanted girls but I still loved you.”

Perhaps my magnetic charm had limits. Perhaps it only worked when I was there and it created problems within Julie’s mind. I was able to get her but her body was rejecting me because of her sexual orientation.

“I never knew you were gay. Why didn’t you tell me ?”

“To risk losing you? And yet, when you first left me for Anna, I felt so relieved. I had the impression a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I could be myself again. Until the next time you paid attention to me and my life returned to the mess it was”

No wonder I always had the impression that Julie was more distant than Anna. My charm captured her but perhaps she couldn’t really let go with a man.

“Then why were you ready to share me with Anna? Why not just stay out. I wasn’t flirting with you a few days ago.”

“I couldn’t stand to lose her. We had sex quite a few time since you last broke up with her, perhaps a few times per month. She did it because she was lonely, but I loved her. If she started dating you, I would remain alone”

“Why not ask her out or confide your feelings to her ?”

“Because all Anna talks about is you and how wonderful you are.”


“Yeah. Don’t get me wrong, I love you too, but you didn’t have the right equipment then. She did.”

“But I do now”

“Yeah”, she said, looking me over with hungry eyes.

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