Sam Chapter 18: The mall

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When you have the brain of a horny teenage man, the body of a sexy girl and have two attractive girlfriends who you just discovered you could have telepathy with, your first thoughts are about a threesome.

I couldn’t wait to see if I could use my powers to increase our sexual activities one way or another, but sadly, time was running out: Anna’s parent were about to come back from work (they car pooled) and even if we went to my house, my parents were immune to my powers and would probably insist we eat with them.

Sadly, sex was for later… so instead, I decided to go to the mall to see what my powers could do.

I also had a little more clothes to buy, I had realized. When you’re a man, you have perhaps three pair of shoes, your day to day sneakers, your dirty sport sneakers (which are often your previous day to day ones) and your clean black leather shoes for weddings, funerals and job interviews. Being from a relatively rich family, I also had another pair of nicer shoes for dates, but it was always the same one for fancier restaurants.

But now that I could match my shoes with my outfit, it was an entirely new world! There were shoes for women of every style, color, and even heel height.

And that’s counting that Samantha has a smaller pair of feet than Samuel and that I needed to find more comfortable sneakers, possibly in a more feminine style.

Of course, that was just something I thought of on location, my primary objectives were to test my powers!

At first, the three of us walked together, but then, I had an idea. I asked my mind to link the three of us so that we could talk freely with each other and have access to each other’s eyes. It took me a free tries to get the wording out, but within a minute, I could easily close my eyes and see from Anna or Julie’s eyes. With some concentration,they both¬†could too..

We split up and hit the stores. When one of us found something interesting for me to wear, either shoes or clothes, we could message the other two in our head and show it for instant comments.

We could hit three stores at once, and even find matching outfits from different stores, such as the time Anna found colored legging pants, Julie had found another store selling colored lace blouse while I was in a shoe store.

We were able to remotely find matching sets, with my girls letting the clothes being the counter so I could come to pay for them.

In record time, I was showered with new clothes and shoes, not counting the few times I also bought some jewelry displayed next to the cash register.

I had always thought that the jewelry and other accessories next to cash register in women’s clothing stores were just a way to make a quick buck or two for the store. Now that I was actually a woman, I could see how convenient it could be: you had new clothes in your hands and while waiting in line to pay, had a nice selection of potentially matching necklaces, broaches, earrings, etc…

Speaking of which, I realized that my ears weren’t pierced!

I met my girlfriends (no need to use your cell phone when you can instantly talk in your mind) and they proposed a jewelry store, the one where Julie had gotten her second row of piercing a few weeks ago.

My first reaction was, wait, you have 2 piercings in each ear? And I looked and realized that she did! I hadn’t even noticed. I guess boys don’t see these things, and I was not used to it.

It pinched, I admit, but it was nowhere as painful as I thought it would be. I was told the wound had to heal before I could change the initial earring into one of my newly purchased ones, but I didn’t mind.

Now, I looked even more like a girl… and I kind of liked it.




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