Sam Chapter 2: Downstairs

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My mother was asking me to come down to eat breakfast but I was no longer the man I used to be.

In fact, I was no longer a  man at all. I feared even my deep almost tenor voice would now have completely changed and I was too afraid to use it.

I searched around my room for clothes to wear. I tried putting my jeans on but I couldn’t fasten then anymore: I used to wear 32 inches wide pants but my now female hips seems a little wider than they used to be.

I fortunately had a running suit pants which was stretchy enough to cover my new frame and as a bonus, the matching shirt was comfy enough to be worn over my new generous breasts.

My smaller feet floated in my socks, but it would have to do.

I slowly walked downstairs trying not to make a noise while thinking about what to say once I would be in front of my parents.

Over twenty sentences passed through my mind but once I was in the kitchen, the one I went with was also the simplest.

“Hello, it seems I turned into a woman overnight.”, were the words that came out of my new mouth a little hesitantly.

Sadly for me, my life turned a weird turn into the twilight zone when my mother answered to my astonishing news with the weirdest reply even thought possible. She simply uttered two small words which in another context were perfectly normal. Three syllables which combined together threw my mind into an abyss.

On this absolutely absurd day these words did nothing to calm me down. For you see, even when I asked her to repeat what she had just said, the words where the same. “Not again!” was indeed what I had heard the first time.

I reflected back on my life and all of my memories told me the same thing: I have always been a man. Well, I used to be a boy, but that’s pretty much the same thing, isn’t it ?

My father motioned me to sit down at the table.

“You weren’t born a man. You were born an hermaphrodite. You had both sets of sexual organs. The doctors weren’t sure which one would dominate in the future but leaned toward the male side. They thought that with age, testosterone would overwhelm the female organs anyway for the behaviour but that having both set of organs would mean you would have both a beard and breasts, so we had to choose between the two before puberty.”

My mother took the stand to continue.

“But we couldn’t pick for you so we said you were a boy since you visibly had a penis, but kept monitoring you to see if you would lean one way or another. By the time you were almost ready for kindergarten, we still had no ideas. You dressed like a boy and liked typical things that boys liked but you also showed interest for girl toys and games.”

My father resumed,

“On the morning of your fifth birthday, your hair changed suddenly. It was brown when it used to be a little darker. We found it odd and did a quick check-up to see if you were alright. What we discovered was that overnight, your female organs had disappeared. We went to the hospital and the scans all confirmed it”.

“I sort of remember something like that. I remember going to the hospital and coming back to my birthday party. I don’t remember why I went though.”

“We didn’t tell you. From that point on”, added my mother, “you grew up as a typical boy without leaving any hints that you once were hermaphrodite”.

I was completely overwhelmed by this revelation. But what did it mean for today ? What happened overnight ?

My mother came upstairs to my room while my dad made phone calls. My mom and I searched for clues. In my bed, we found quite a lot of hair on the pillow and the sheets which I hadn’t noticed with all my panic.

From the clues we found, we realized that overnight, all of my old hair on my head and on my body all fell off. New hair grew back on my head in a different colour.

Sadly, my missing penis didn’t reappear anywhere. Well, I say sadly but I am not sure I would have survived finding it half decomposed under my bed.

I guess whatever happened recycled all my old parts to create my new part but couldn’t do the same for my hair and instead got rid of it all.

I weighed myself and discovered I lost over 30 pounds despite having the same height. I hope I won’t get punished for breaking the law of conservation of matter.

After a while, we were back in the kitchen, thinking things through. My father managed to speak to one of the doctors who had handled my case and they claimed it was utterly impossible. They had never heard of anything like this before.

“Holy shit”, I suddenly said.  “I am receiving friends over tonight for my birthday party. What am I going to do ?”

“Well”, said my dad. “either you believe this is temporary and we hide you for the moment or you act as if its permanent and you embrace it head first starting today.”

“You didn’t raise me to be quitter and not understanding anything about this doesn’t make me think there is hope. My first change occurred on the morning of my 5th birthday morning. My second also occurred on the morning of my birthday. I don’t think it’s a coincidence so I think I am in for at least a year, if not more.”

“So, you’ll face the music, son ?”

“I have an idea for tonight. Would you agree to invite my cousin Samantha for the party ?”

“Who is Samantha ?”

“I am now. Tonight, the birthday boy will leave his guests waiting in the company of his cousin, Samantha. We’ll see from there what to do.”

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3 Responses to “Sam Chapter 2: Downstairs”

  1. ktrip Says:

    I guess I should have trusted more in you. The first chapter left me wondering where you were going.

    This second one however intrigues me.

  2. Krey Says:

    Typo patrol, corrections in CAPS

    “… why I went THOUGH.”

    (You seem to do this one a lot.
    Though is spelled like this, thought is like “I thought I saw a pussy cat.”)

    I WEIGHED myself and discovered I lost over 30 pounds despite having THE same height

  3. The Author Says:

    So, this time, I have a teleported letter. The “T” missing from “the same height” moved without my consent to the “weighed”.

    That’s my version and I am sticking to it.

    Seriously, thank you very much ! I do my best to review my work but English is my second language.

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