Sam Chapter 7: Virginity

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Anna had always been the most sexual of the girls and I wasn’t surprised that she was the first one to kiss me.

I caressed her hair with one hand and gently rubbed her ear like I knew she loved while rediscovering the pleasure of feeling her delicate tongue enter my mouth.

I realized that my own tongue was smaller than it used to when I noticed that twisting it against her didn’t cause the same sensual reaction than in the past.

Her hand in my hair also sent tingles I had never felt when I was still a boy, making me realize why many of my partners liked it when I played with their hair.

I had turned toward Anna and was surprised to fell Julie’s hands being slipped under my blouse. Her hands seemed a lot colder than they used to feel, but perhaps my womanly body didn’t handle the cold in the same way as in the past.

I turned my head to face Julie and make her feel included in the group. Unlike Anna, she was wearing a blouse so while I was rediscovering her mouth, I took the opportunity to untie the top two buttons, partially exposing her white laced bra.

As soon as I had done the first button, Julie untied my third button, the first one which was tied, clearly showing her interest. She also reciprocated with my fourth button, exposing my own red bra.

I turned around to return to Anna, resuming our kiss. Anna was wearing a v-cut shirt which prevented me from undoing any buttons. As such, when she decided to untie two additional buttons from my blouse, leaving only 2 at the bottom in place, I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up, exposing a nice black bra.

Instead of offering resistance, Anna pulled her arms in the air to facilitate my work. When I was done, I started kissing her breasts, first in the part not covered by the bra and next over the bra itself.

Julie, far from idle, surrounded me in her arms to grab the final buttons of my blouse with the clear intent to strip me just as I done for Anna.

I turned around to help her and noticed that her own blouse was now lying on the floor by her feet.

I knew I had the sexiest pair of breasts in the room and I knew that despite having the most sensational rack of my two partners, Julie was a little self-conscious about being topless.

I started kissing Anna’s breasts just like I had done for Julie a few moments ago, but this time, I decided to reach behind her back and unhook her bra, leaving her completely topless.

I used to always grab my partner’s breast with force and precipitation, but now that I was a girl, I decided to use a little more patience.

I kept kissing Anna and with my fingers, caressed her upper body while avoiding her breasts. Girls are supposed to love with their whole body, so why not linger a little.

I notably would caress her above her belly button while slowly rising toward her breasts and stop as soon as my knuckles hit the bottom of her boobs.

After a few moments of slow teasing, I felt Julie grab the clasp of my own bra to untie it. Soon enough, I would be topless in front of someone else for the first time of my womanhood.

Oddly, I was filled with doubt and anxiety. I never had problems as a boy undressing in front of a girl, but now that I was in the other shoes I was getting cold feet ?

I always loved breasts, but apparently, I was already worried about mine. However, when Anna grabbed the straps to pull the bra her partner had just freed, I didn’t resist.

Instead, I snuggled closer to Anna while resuming our kiss, pushing my breasts against hers. I had loved to feel her breast against my manly chest, feeling them compress as our bodies got closer. This time, I could also feel my own breast resisting against her, providing an odd feeling I couldn’t really explain.

Soon enough however, I felt Julie’s naked breasts pushing against my back as she grew closer to lick behind my ears.

I stayed in this amazingly sexy position for a few minutes but soon was longing to kiss the girl who had the most fabulous breasts I had known.

So, I turned around, more or less reversing our position on the sofa, so I could French kiss Julie while caressing her wonderful rack. Anna however, didn’t press herself against my back.

She had her own plans which I was partially sensing. She took the few moments of pause I was just giving her to finish undressing. Even thought I was kissing Julie, my eyes kept drifting to catch the glimpse of the girl who I had given my male virginity to 4 years ago.

Fortunately, the always understanding Julie didn’t react badly and instead, pushed me toward her former rival, giving her time to finish undressing by herself.

I was now surrounded by two naked girls I had been intimate with several times over the years, including a few times together.

Still not believing my luck, I stood up in front of the sofa and joined my partners in their state of undress.

I almost returned to the sofa, but I remembered I had tucked away the nice and soft berber carpet which usually covered the floor in front of the basement gas fireplace.

As I was naturally putting it in place, both girls looked perplexed.

“What is it ?”, I asked.

“Well, Samuel and I had sex a few time on that carpet”, answered Anna. “It brings out memories”.

Julie blushed and simply added. “Me too”.

I almost blurted out that I clearly remembered it, but instead asked if they wanted to do it elsewhere.

As an answer, Anna simply approached me and pushed me on the carpet, clearly showing she was still in the mood. Julie stayed up to look at us but quickly followed and settled by my side.

I realized how nice lesbian sex was when I noted that no condoms were needed. I simply began caressing with my fingers Anna’s sexy lips, feeling her shaved pussy wet from excitement.

I knew from our past that Anna was shaving her pussy because its natural brown hair didn’t match her bleached blond hair. Julie on the other hand, had always preferred simply trimming her dark hair to keep it simple but still present.

I decided not to waste time. Lesbians were nicknamed carpet munchers and I jumped right to it.

I began by kissing Anna but quickly broke my kiss to slowly move toward her cunt, stopping to kiss both of her breasts while on route.

I knew Anna’s body inside and out. I knew exactly how to make her climax using just my mouth and today wouldn’t be an exception. I knew from experience which pressure to apply to her clitoris, when to slip my tongue deep inside her pussy and when to gently bite down on her lips.

I knew a lot about Julie too, but I had performed less oral sex on her and decided to focus on my best subject first.

Julie however, didn’t stay idle. As soon as I was installed, she gently pushed my hips upwards she installed herself under to add another link in the chain.

I had seen Julie perform oral on Anna during a few of our threesomes and both clearly seemed to enjoy it. I had never been able to feel what it was like, until now.

I had masturbated earlier today, but feeling Julie’s expert tongue on my new private parts was even better than I thought. Waves of pleasures took me by surprise.

Normally, such an intensity would have caused a premature ejaculation but it still wasn’t enough to cause me to climax.

I almost lost myself in the moment but Anna started caressing my hair, most likely because I had stopped stimulating her.

After a little concentration, I managed to both enjoy the cunnilingus Julie was giving me and at the same time perform one on Anna.

Fortunately, Anna came first in a loud explosion I had frequently heard and which sounded like music to my ears. I usually was rather silent but concentrating entirely on Julie’s efforts caused various moaning sounds to escape my mouth against my will.

When I finally came, I had the impression my entire body was clenching and that an earthquake was shaking me from head to toe.

I felt the strongest orgasm of my life so far and yet, wasn’t exhausted like after an ejaculation.

Anna was still on her back, so I settled next to her. Julie soon joined us and the three of us spooned for a few minutes.

I’m the one who broke the silence by apologizing for not returning the favour to Julie.

“There’s always tomorrow”, was all she said until the three of us fell asleep, naked, directly on the carpet. It had been a woman only 1 day and already, I had lost my new fond virginity.

What would it be tomorrow ?

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