Sam Chapter 11: Twosome

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While I was still considering the implications of possibly never having anyone truly love me, Julie had other things on her mind.

She once again threw herself at me, beginning by kissing me as passionately as she could while caressing once again my breasts she seemed so obsessed with.

Without breaking our kiss, she unbuttoned my blouse and removed my bra to expose my erect nipples toward her. I reciprocated by not only making her equally topless but also by completely undressing her, showing me her well shaven pussy I had not tasted in several months… and with a different mouth.

I salivated at the thought of possibly performing a female 69, a figure I had always found so erotic to look at and which I found somewhat diminished when a penis was involved.

Performing a cunnilingus was something I felt was smooth, gentle, regular while performing a fellatio required long and fast movements which made the heterosexual 69 a hard to maintain position.

Now that I had a vagina however, Julie and I would soon be able to caress each other using our tongues for as long as we wanted, or at least, for as long as we could.

We weren’t there yet but I was confident in my newly identified powers. Julie was already lusting for me and had already tasted my flesh, how could she refuse reciprocity ?

Meanwhile, our mutual affection only became more and more bold. Our mouths took alternating trips down our waists to suck or lick each other’s breasts. Feeling Julie’s lips gently pinching my nipples was an exquisite sensation I would probably never tired of.

In the past, preliminaries were only there for my partner’s sake. I agreed to do some foreplay because they seemed to enjoy it and it made them wet. Sure, I enjoyed playing with their breasts and kissing them but I never understood why I couldn’t simply do that while my dick was in them at the same time.

Now being on the receiving end made me conscious of my past partner’s motivations.

Let’s assume that men are digital. They have an erection or they are at rest. Sure, there are intermediate steps, but in general, man are either turned on or not.

Women on the other end, are analog in nature. They are not just turned on or off, they exist in various states in between.

My mind was clearly focused on having hot passionate lesbian sex with Julie but even thought my body was reacting positively to my desires: my nipples were erect, my breath accelerated, I still didn’t feel hot.

It’s hard to explain. It’s as if my pussy was taking it’s time to prepare itself and that the rest of the body was holding back until the oven light would be off.

Lost in my thoughts, I hadn’t even realized that Julie had finished undressing me. We were now rolling on the bed, with our legs scissoring each other to allow rubbing our thighs against our partner’s wet pussy, without even needing to stop kissing each other.

“I love you Sam”, whispered Julie. I couldn’t know how true it was but I still replied that I loved her. In a way, I did.

I didn’t want to miss my opportunity, so I pivoted right away to place myself on top of her to initiate a 69.

“Sam, it’s your first time. I should be on top…”

I didn’t argue with her and instead, decided to follow her cues. I might know how to please a woman sexually in a strong manly manner but I still was a newcomer when it came to the art of lesbian love-making.

Julie’s tongue quickly made contact with my clitoris, but instead of rapidly licking it like I had done in our earlier threesome, she was slowly caressing it with the touch of a butterfly.

I proceeded to reciprocate and slowly, we both gradually increased the surface area we covered and the speed of our movements, in tiny little steps.

Performing a fellatio on a man like that would have most likely caused him to lose his erection but to my surprise, my new female body reacted positively to Julie’s expert touch.

I came first after what seemed like hours of caressing but Julie didn’t stop and it made my body reach a new level of pleasure.

I eventually managed to make her climax which temporarily paused her actions but soon enough, we continued until we each had came a few times and simply became too tired to go on.

With a man, ejaculation provides a clear end of the sexual relation. I am not sure I really liked the idea that lesbian sex might sometimes go on without a clear ending other than simply exhaustion.

Still, feeling Julie cuddling in my arms afterwards felt just as amazing as it did in the past.

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