Sam Chapter 12: Thoughts

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Julie eventually went back home and I spent the rest of Sunday mostly alone in my room, thinking.

I had apparently the whole world in my pocket thanks to weird magical powers, but I also realized it didn’t work with my parents.

No teacher ever punished me, they always had a reason why my behaviour was either justified or isolated thus not requiring punishment.

But not my parents. I had a normal relationship with them. If I asked them for something, they considered it like normal parents not like mindless slaves affected by my powers.

Perhaps that’s why I never realized it before: the two persons I had the closest relationship with were somehow immune to my abilities and actually taught me to be respectful.

But think of it, both of my parents are amazing with people. My father built his school bus empire by merging with other companies and always staying on top. Sure, he was generous in his purchases, but it’s a rather uncanny coincidence.

Every other school bus company around us was run by a single family, often from generation to generation, and suddenly my father is able to buy all of them?

As for my mother, she is the single most successful real estate agent in the area, a feat which requires I guess a lot of persuasions.

Maybe they both have my abilities and found each other because they were the only ones immune to each other’s curse.

Because let’s be honest, in life it’s a gift but in love it’s a curse. I’ll never know who truly loves me. I’ll never know who truly appreciate me. It will be like dating a robot.

Even if both Julie and Anna might stay with me for the rest of their lives, I will never know if they love me or if they are forced to stay with me because of my powers.

And tomorrow, I would need to get back to school and confront everyone. I used to have many of the girls attracted to me to the point of it being almost annoying.

What will it be now that my former friends will get to know me?

So I called Anna. It was the right thing to do.

“Anna, I have a problem. Tomorrow at school, I am afraid my friends are going to hit on Samantha because of my powers. I don’t want my football colleagues hitting on me”

“What do you propose?”

“Well, Julie admitted she’s gay. If that’s alright with you, I will ask her to officially be my girlfriend, that way, guys will know that I’m gay. We’d still go on dates you and I and nothing would change in private, but you would officially still just be our friend so people won’t know about us.”

“That’s actually a good plan. I love it”

“Thanks. I’ll propose it to Julie”

“Oh, you called me first to make sure I was fine with it. Thanks, that was very considerate of you Sam.”

I didn’t every bother to reply. We just said we loved each other and hung up. How am I to know if it’s what she really thought or if she was affected by my powers?

I called Julie second to pitch my idea. She actually yelled in the phone in excitement. I took that as positive enthusiasm on her part and not my powers working.

“You have to come each with my parents tonight. I will do my coming out. I’ve been wanting to do it for years, but you kept pulling me over to an heterosexual relationship with your powers and I was so afraid to tell them. But tonight, you powers could perhaps help me out by convincing them to accept me as I am.”

I confirmed that I would go to her house and that yes, I did love her.

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