Sam Chapter 5: Party

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There was no turning back. It was a quarter to seven and I would face my friends with my new body in only a few minutes.

My parents and I came up with a plan on how to explain my change. I didn’t like it a lot, but since I have always been great at convincing people, I was confident I could pull it off.

One by one my friends arrived and my parents redirected them to the basement, where the party was occurring.

The first one to arrive was Jason, the captain of the football team. I wasn’t that close to him but he always insisted in being close to each of his team members.

He was confused both by my absence and my presence. He assumed he would find me and instead, he found a sexy girl presenting herself as Samantha, my cousin from New Zealand.

We made chit-chat until a few other members of the football and the basketball team arrived. I quickly realized that most of my so-called friends didn’t really know me that well.

First of all, none of them found the resemblance of Samuel’s cousin striking but more importantly, none of them really had anything to say about me.

Sadly, it made me feel rather empty because in all honesty, I didn’t have much to say about them either. We hung out at school, but none of these people were truly my friends and most didn’t balk when I announced that Samuel wasn’t there at the moment.

They simply drank and ate while talking in their respective cliques.

Fortunately, Anna and Julie eventually arrived and finally at seven thirty, everyone was there. Except the birthday boy, that is…

I asked everyone to be silent to listen to a big announcement I had to make.

“Hello everyone. My name is Samantha. I am Samuel’s cousin and I arrived this morning from New Zealand. As you probably know, Samuel always dreamt of travelling and my parents decided to fulfill his wish. It was always planned I would study in the USA next year but with Samuel’s parent, it was decided that we would do a student exchange for the rest of the year. Samuel will be studying in my beautiful country while I will be attending your own high school. This may come as a shock because Samuel didn’t even know this morning that he would leave and his parents kept it a secret. He is currently on a plane to New Zealand and plans to stay in touch by e-mail with all of you. In the mean time, he wants you to party and celebrate his birthday !”

A few people in the room were shocked, but I couldn’t help but notice that Anna and Julie were particularly sad.

The party went on a little and a few guys asked about New Zealand but I remained vague and a little distant. I didn’t want to get them to hit on me.

By the time I managed to sit next to Anna and Julie, who had stayed away from the jocks, most of my friends were either gone or about to leave.

I presented myself more personally and upon hearing their names, I smiled and commented that I had heard all about them from Samuel.

This lifted the sprit of both girls and quickly, we began a discussion about our common friend, Samuel and about how extraordinary a friend, or a cousin, he is.

This helped me feel better about myself a little. At least, Samuel was leaving this group on a good note even if I was not sure if they were not simply being polite.

What I was mostly anxious about was what Anna and Julie would think. Would they see through me ? Would they catch on ?

I wanted to go see them and talk to them but the basement was too noisy and too crowded. Perhaps later in the evening.

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