Sam Chapter 21: Conflicted

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This entry is part 21 of 20 in the series Sam

I joined Anna and Julie at school where I explained my dreams about the monastery and the research I did.

“You can’t go hike in the mountains to find it. You’ll either get lost, killed or die of hunger. You lived in a rich house for all of your life. You don’t have what it takes to travel in the mountainous backwater region of a country you don’t speak the native tongue of”, explained Anna.

She did have a point…

But it left me puzzled as to what I was supposed to do.

The ring took me out of my thoughts and I quickly went to my first class, English, where I sit next to Brian.

He smiled at me when he saw me and I think I blushed involuntarily.

“Hey Samantha, you look radiant today”, he said, with his most polite tone. This is a guy I had been drunk with and who loved to called girls hos and bitches behind their back.

He was not known for being subtle.

“Thanks”, I managed to reply.

“You should hang out with us from time to time. We’ll tell you all about your cousin…”

“I’d like that”, I surprised myself replying.


The teacher began soon after and I quickly realized that it was yet another recap class for students who didn’t quite yet master the material of the last class, making me bored and drowsy.

Perhaps my sleep had been more perturbed than I thought?

Soon enough, class ended and after other monotonous classes, lunch arrived.

I informed Anna and Julie of our change of seating for lunch and soon enough, we were all sitting with my former team.

The guys had managed to make us sit not together, but split among the guys in order to maximize the ability of the guys to talk to the three sexy and apparently single ladies sitting with them.

It was all logically ¬†organized so that different type of guys would sit next to each without any overlap. Brian sitting between Anna and I for example, was a bulk mass of muscle. On my other side was Tim who was taller and slimmer but mostly, quicker with words. He was far from Anna, since on Anna’s other side was Louis who had a similar build to Tim.

It was far from random. Someone had taken the time to balance the guys to reduce competition. If a girl liked muscle, she’d go for Brian but not Tim or Louis, but if she preferred a tall guy and was close to both, they would reduce their chances by competing on the same playing field.

It was a brilliant move which greatly increased the chances with girls for the guys of the team.

Right now, Brian was the centerpiece, but in the past, the mastermind had reserved for him the central position. Did you guess by now who it was? Yeap, Samuel. Me in my other life…

Brian was now overseeing my girl magnet operation and trying to seduce one of us.

OK, not one of us… me specifically. He was barely talking to Anna or Julie (who was on the other side of Louis).

But the worst of it, was that he was rather good at it. He was making me feel special, desired, intelligent and well, beautiful. I was imagining myself getting closer to him.

And somehow, I was starting to be seriously interested in Brian. I had already seen him naked in the shower a few times and I had seen him take care of a girl or two and my body was reacting in a way I would have never thought possible.

Were these homosexual thoughts or was I now really a girl?

I already had two girlfriends, did I really need a guy in my life?

Damnit. I feel like I am losing control on my impulses.

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