Sam Chapter 4: Dressing Up

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As soon as we came home, I went up to my room to figure out what to wear for the party.

I locked my room and laid all of my new clothes on the bed. I definitely had to get used to new styles and colours. I used to go for more striking colours like red or heavy blue.

The baby blue t-shirt might have been roughly the same colour as one of my old shirts but it was a much lighter tint which would have repelled me in the past out of fear of being called gay.

Speaking of which, was I now a lesbian ? I definitely still desired woman, so now that I was one, I guess that did make me gay. Yet, thinking about guys still sounded gay in my mind. It appears only my body changed overnight, not my mind.

That’s roughly when I realized that I was standing half-naked in front of my mirror. I am sure you do that every day of your like and every day, the same boring you looks back at you, unimpressed.

But not today. With my feminine panties and my white cotton bra, I looked nothing like I used to. I was smoking hot and not in the sense that I was ready to have sex with someone but rather in the sense that I was ready to have sex, with myself.

Ever since I had been a boy, I had discovered all of the secrets to making love to me. After a few exploratory sessions with past girlfriends, I had discovered all of the secrets to making love to a girl.

Today, I was about to embark into yet a new discovery. Having sex with the hottest woman I had ever met, namely, me.

Hey, I don’t want to brag but I was rather hot. I checked my curves on the mirror and touched my body, sensing all of the electricity passing through my fingers.

I used to know when I was aroused. As a guy, it’s simple. If you are dressed, your jeans are tighter, you feel like your little friend is pushing against your clothes yelling : “Let me out ! Let me out !”. If you are already naked, it’s stands as attention like a soldier ready to go into battle. All it’s waiting for is to invade sexy territory.

Now, I was on the other end of the battlefield. I didn’t have a soldier to cast into battle. I had my own playground to prepare and I honestly had no idea how to actually pleasure it without additional equipment.

Well, that’s a lie. I did have ideas, but it was clear that I couldn’t use oral stimulation by myself and I didn’t have a dildo to try a substitute to the real thing.

On second thought, I am not sure I was ready for that anyway, but I needed some form of release. I could feel my panties getting wet and no-one was there to clean up the mess.

So I decided to see if I was a clitoridian woman. I removed my panties and started rubbing my left index on my little hood.

I know, It’s weird, but I discovered that many man actually masturbate with their non-dominant hand to have their dominant one hold their porn or click on their computer. I initially masturbated using sexy magazines and even when not using any visual stimulant, I continued to use my left arm.

The intensity of the sensation didn’t prepare me at all. Within a few seconds, I decided to lay on the bed, on top of my new clothes.

I realized that if I rubbed my clitoris directly the pleasure was almost perceived as painful, but if I gently rubbed the small skin hood that goes over it, the sensation was just right.

I kept going, using my right hand to play with my breasts and discover the various sensations that my new erect nipples could bring but my left hand was definitely the primary source of my sensations.

I frequently took a glance at my mirror to see the reflection of a sexy auburn woman masturbating. At this moment, with my brain half lost on the high from the waves of pleasure, there was a dissociation made which caused me to imagine that the sexy woman was my girlfriend and not myself.

They say the brain is the most powerful sexual organ, but the moment I imagined having sex with that woman is the moment I had my first female orgasm.

Oh, and can I tell you something guys ? We are definitely getting the short end of the stick on this. Take my word for it, If I never have a penis again in my life, I won’t miss the small sparkle that we get when our sticky goo gets out.

How long does a male orgasm really last ? You get a few milliseconds of intense pleasure and then a giant wave of relaxation which the brain interprets as a goal obtained, preparing you for sleep.

With only one orgasm in my new body, I already could spot a few differences. First of all, instead of being a brief moment of intense delight, you get a full buffet of both carnality and sensuality. You get all of the dirtiness of being naughty packaged in a nice flowery spa resort.

I didn’t even feel the time passing by, It was as if I had put two mirrors in front of each other and stared down the reflections. Each time a wave traversed me, another one left from my private parts on it’s way to my brain.

I thought it would last forever but my fingers had went limp and I was no longer able to properly stimulate me to trigger a second orgasm.

I didn’t mind. As a boy, it’s not longer I would have been able to anyway.

With my legs slightly shaking, I sat down on the bed and quickly panicked. I had climaxed and I didn’t use a paper tissue. It was a reflex. My mind thought that somewhere, around me, my sperm had spoiled something.

This time, the only spoiling was a small patch of slightly wetter comforter, scoring another point for female masturbation. Personally, I also thought that my fingers smelled a lot nice today after the fact than back when I was a boy, but I am not sure all woman appreciated the smell of their own lubricant.

Once I had recuperated, I put on a pair of matching red laced panties and bra and tried each of the skirts, finally settling for the shortest one.

Not only would I be my cousin tonight, I would be my sexy cousin. I had nothing to hideā€¦

After trying a few tops, I ended with a classic white blouse but I left the top buttons unfastened allowing to get a quick peek at my bra.

It’s only when I looked at myself in the mirror that I realized that I might attract the wrong attention. I didn’t want men to look at me, but I had no ideas how to get girls to check out my new frame.

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