Sam Chapter 6: Afterparty

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Soon enough, Anna, Julie and I were the only three remaining members of the party leaving us with a room filled with plastic glasses, empty beer bottles and half empty baskets of chips and pretzels.

There was also a table full of unopened gifts which most likely had things I no longer actually needed. Perhaps a football jersey, a signed basketball from all of the members of the team or a gift certificate to a sports bar. Well, I’d use the gift certificate, but I would only be able to treasure the rest of the gift as reminders of a former life.

Both girls helped me tidy up the place a little but there was an emotionally charged silence.

“Samantha, did Samuel tell you if he intended to ask one of us out ?”

I knew why they asked. Both had recently been flirting with me and I had been returning the favour but I had been unable to make my mind up between them. I am guessing they had planned to get me to commit tonight by combining forces.

Perhaps they preferred to work together so that at least one of them would get me instead of just floating away like we had been recently.

“He did. But I am not sure I can really betray his confidence”. I sat down on the couch. Both girls sat next to each other in front of me, on our loveseat.

They seemed excited and looked at each other. Anna spoke first.

“We had planned tonight to have a threesome with him if he agreed to date either one of us.”

I guess I was right. Well, about the joining forces. I hadn’t seen the threesome and regretted losing my male body. I could almost feel having an erection at this moment as if I had a phantom limb syndrome.

I wanted them both, but could reject one of them.

“He turned to me for advice. He said he was unable to pick one of you. That he loved both of you. He wanted me to help him choose since I didn’t know you yet.”

Julie asked me what I told him.

“I told him to follow his heart. That the heart wants what the heart wants. That he shouldn’t resist it. I spend years resisting and only when I accepted myself did I finally feel at peace. That’s one of the reasons I moved here.”

“What do you mean ?” Asked Anna.

Yeah, what did I mean ? I hadn’t plan to elaborate on that. I just wanted to let the conversation move forward. Fortunately, I am a fast talker and found the perfect explanation.

“For years, I fought my sexual orientation. I even dated guys to pretend I was normal. But it only made me miserable. It’s only when I embraced my homosexuality that I felt free”

Both girls blushed a little and yet another silence got between us. I decided to break it.

“Anyway, what Samuel decided was that he couldn’t just date one of you. He couldn’t be with just one of you without the other. He tried it in the past and it didn’t work for him. He would have asked you both to agree to be one of his girlfriends but knew you would probably reject him and almost felt relief when he learned he was going.”

Anna was almost crying, but Julie remained calm and explained her own feelings about it.

“I would have never minded to share Samuel with Anna. I like Anna. We even had threesomes with Samuel in the past and sometimes fooled around on our own. I don’t know for Anna, but I think we go well together.”

Anna just nodded in agreement and placed her hand on Julie thigh. Julie quickly placed her own hand on Anna’s hand.

I desperately wanted that threesome now. Both of my girls just admitted they would have been ready to share me and I had to remain stoic and distant on my couch ? I don’t think so.

I had to move. Do something. But how do I move as a girl ? How do I get my two ex-girlfriends to agree to just fuck my cousin.

In the past, I would simply ask them out as if it was normal and both girls simply obliged, as if they could simply refuse nothing.

So I just said: “Samuel is very lucky to have two girls as sexy as you are in his life. I’ve always dreamed of doing it with a girl but I never thought girls as beautiful as you two would be open enough to be comfortable with another girl”

Perhaps I have magical powers. Perhaps I just have incredible charisma. Perhaps I just read people better than anyone else. All I know is that even thought the words sounded weird coming out of my mind, both girls clearly took them as an invitation as they moved from their Love seat and sat next to me, clearly in the mood for more than just talking.

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