Sam Chapter 17: Adding Julie

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I quickly called Julie to come at Anna’s house. I wanted to know if my new found telepathy powers extended to her too, because that could change a lot of things in our relationship.

While waiting for her to arrive, I concentrated on listening to Anna’s thoughts and discovered that while I couldn’t read her passive thoughts, if she was actively thinking something, I could hear it in my head. It not only worked when I concentrated on trying to listen to her thoughts, but also when I just concentrate on her and not necessarily on her thoughts, like when I had arrived at her house.

I also concentrated hard on discovering what was the difference between thinking in my head and sending Anna a message only to realize that once again, it was a matter of conscious thought. If I decided “I want Anna to hear this”, she could hear it as if I had spoken in her ear. Otherwise, she wouldn’t get anything.

I asked her (with my mind) to stay on the bed, and left her room to go into the corridor. I sent her the message: “Can you hear me?” and concentrated to receive the reply: “Loud and Clear”.

So, I went into the living room, and resumed the test which was once again, positive. I explained that I will go outside to test it. “Shouldn’t you get dressed before?”. It’s only then that I realized that I was still completely naked.. oops…

Once dressed, I went outside, leaving Anna naked on her bed, and slowly walked to the corner of her street while maintaining telepathic contact.

I would have gone further, but I could see Julie walking toward Anna’s house in the distance, so I waved at her. She waved back, and accelerated her pace. I informed Anna telepathically of Julie’s presence.

I took the opportunity to listen to Julie¬†thoughts, but didn’t get anything. I tried to send her a message, but failed.

Weird, at this distance, Anna could still hear me, so it wasn’t a range issue.

Julie finally caught up with me, so I welcome her, we kissed, and I sent her a message: “How do you do?”. She replied, with her voice, “Doing fiine… happy you called!”, not realizing that the message had come telepathically.

I concentrate on her thoughts, and could hear her comment in her head of how sexy I was.

“Can you go to Anna’s house? I’ll join you there in a minute”.

“Sure!” She replied, but I heard her wondering what I was doing..

As soon as I could see¬†her at Anna’s door, I sent her the message “Just come in Julie” and I could hear her in mind wondering from where the message had come.

While walking back to the house, I explained with my mind my new powers and had an extensive conversation with Julie, while updating Anna. Both girls met in the house, and I could hear Julie’s excitement at seeing Anna naked, even if I knew she didn’t say anything…

Back at Anna’s room, I explained to both girls that I wanted to do a few tests, just to sit calmly and open their mind…

I knew I could send messages to either girls, but could I send a message to both girls at once? So I thought hard to send to Anna and Julie the message “Raise your right arm if you can hear this”. Within seconds, both girls had their right arm raised and I could hear both girls commenting in their mind on this: Anna happy to help while Julie was still trying to come to terms with my powers.

I thought hard: for the next minute, I want all of my thoughts sent to Anna and Julie. Somehow, I knew this worked, so I simply thought “Lower your arm”, “raise your right arm” and for a minute, both girls could hear me, and I could hear them.


I repeated the experience with success, but after 15 seconds, I thought hard to cancel the directive and suddenly, the messages stopped being sent. Excellent.

I concentrated hard on seeing what Julie could see, and an moving image of me from her point of view jumped into my mind. I could still see with my eyes, but I knew what she was seeing in real time. I read Julie’s mind and she didn’t seem to know.

So, I added Julie, and suddenly, I was aware of 3 points of views. Wicked…

Could I push that? I thought hard, I want both girls to also see what I am seeing.

Julie stood up, all excited: “I can see through your eyes!”, while Anna covered up her naked breasts, as if she was now conscious of her nudity…

This would be very interesting…

I stopped the projection and my powers obeyed me. There was one last thing. I wanted Anna and Julie to hear each other for a minute…

“Anna, can you please think of a message to send to Julie?”, I asked her verbally. I heard the message: “hi Julie”, and Julie jumped saying: “I can hear you!”. Anna replied: “I knew she was going to say that.”

Yes, my powers were awesome… I couldn’t wait for the future…


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