Pets Chapter 10(Ellie): A Date

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Finally, we were in the car, driving to our date. We would stop at my apartment first to pick up the food, but in less than half an hour, I would be finally be naked in their apartment.

Last night had been pretty exciting, but  left me longing for more. Richard had dropped a little wax on my arm, but tonight, I wanted the full experience.

I know, I said to Richard that tonight would only be our date, but supper and a movie would be enough for that part of the evening. After that, I want to try this BDSM thing I have been obsessing about for what sounded like weeks, but were only eternal hours.

Once at my apartment building, I ran alone upstairs to pick up the food for supper and ran equally fast on the way down, almost fearful I would be abandoned by them.

It’s weird isn’t ? I always dreamed on going on a date with a guy which liked me for who I was and not for my money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a virgin, but now that the guy seems to be there, even thought another girl wasn’t present in my dreams, I almost felt as if the date was also with Amber, or Candy, whatever the name of the girl in the back seat of the car was.

The drive to their apartment was filled with tension. Nobody said a word. It was equally silent once we were actually in the apartment.

Candy and I both knew the next step would be to undress, and less than 24 hours ago, we had both been naked in front of Richard. Yet, no one was making a move.

Eventually, Richard simply picked up the bag from my hand almost whispering that we should get prepared, most likely an euphemism encouraging us to get naked.

Without any hesitation, Amber removed her shirt and her skirt, which was the entirety of her clothes. Seeing I was frozen by the unreality of the situation, she approached me and simply murmured to my ears “Do you mind if I help you ?”

Immediately after I shook my head, Amber started undressing me in front of her wantonly aroused master. The delicate touch of her hands wasn’t particularly unpleasant. I had been undressed in the past by boys, but this wasn’t the same experience at all. This was almost sensual.

I had already removed my panties around Lunch, so I was soon enough wearing only my bra. Once it was on the floor, the awkwardness reduced since we were back to familiar territory. I explained I had prepared tofu kabobs for supper and that only a little preparation was left to do before it was time to grill them.

Slowly, a conversation was started and all three of us were joking around, exchanging recipes and generally just having fun. Amber was preparing the salad while I delegated the grilling to Richard, letting me focus on the rice and supervision of the meal.

Amber set the table with 2 sittings, placing a large metal bowl on the floor near the table. She had a kind of honest flowery smile in her demeanour. It’s as if everything she did made her wholly happy. I had rarely seen someone as open as she was about her state of mind without needing to even utter a single word.

Or perhaps I had never seen anyone as happy as she was. Almost everyone else I knew was miserable. Amber almost seemed blessed.  I also took the time to notice that Richard was carefully grilling the kabobs as if his life depended on them being cooked to perfection.

Around my father, everyone was always nervous, uncertain, hesitant. Richard on the other hand always seemed to master the moment, no pun intended. When I was seeing him tie Amber up last night, he had a steady hand, even if at moment, he didn’t seem to know what the next move would be. Just like Amber, he seemed to live in the present, but where Amber seemed emotionally anchored in the present, he seemed to vigorously act in the present.

I can’t really explain it better. Perhaps the best way would be to say that he focus on what he was doing, not on what he would be doing next, or about the consequences of what he had been doing a minute before.

I confirmed with Richard that the kebobs were ready, and he walked me to my chair, pulling it for me.

A few seconds later, Amber served us  a generous bowl of salad, and place our kebobs on our previously served rice. She also brought another plate to Richard, with a little rice, salad and the last of the Kebabs.

Richard, without saying a word, removed the various kebob pieces from the skewer, cut them in smaller pieces, and broke apart the leaves of salad. Once everything was in small portions, he dropped the content into the metal bowl by the table.

Candy kneeled in front of it, and rested her hands on her knees, lowering her head to the floor.

Ignoring her, Richard started small talk while we ate the delicious supper, leaving Candy immobile by the side of the table.

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