Pets Chapter 2(Richard): Waiting for Lunch

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Even thought I was walking away from the class, my thoughts were stationary and lingered on Ellie. She was really something, a fish out of water.

For an unknown reason, I had always been attracted to unhappy girls. Maybe I always felt I was unable to satisfy  one which was already at peace with herself. Perhaps I was simply unsure of my own happiness so I needed someone less fortunate than me to convince myself I had it well. In any case, I had rarely seen a soul as disturbed as Ellie’s. Her heart seemed as black as her ravenous long hair and her emotions looks as tied up as her pony tail. But, foolish as I was, I could only see the light glittering from her head, just as her despair was like the song of a mermaid to my ears.

Her dark complexion was equally appealing. I had rarely met Caucasian girls with an non tanned skin darker than mine. I had some Italian blood in my family and we tended in the winter to have the darkest skin on our neighbourhood. I, of course, would burn red like a blonde every summer to the surprise of my family, but again, I was always the black sheep.

Ellie was definitely a puzzle. I could see that most of her misery was caused by loneliness. Perhaps her parent’s wealth isolated her from less fortunate kids. I wouldn’t be surprised if her parents had even forced her to have a private tutor, thought I think her problems probably began at school.

I almost got lost on my way to my next class and once seated, I couldn’t get her out of my head. I will need to move fast or I won’t be able to do anything. I just hoped she would join me for lunch, otherwise, I will need to postpone everything until our next class.

I didn’t hear the teacher come in, but fortunately, after introducing herself, she spoke less than 5 minutes before letting us go with the course syllabus.

I rapidly went to the cafeteria to find our table and began thinking about a plan until Candy joined me.

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  1. ktrip Says:

    You should try to use more similes. I think you succeeded when talking about Ellie, but you barely use them in other stories.

    It’s fun to see how completely different the two characters are.

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