Pets Chapter 22(Candy): Limits Discussed

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My bladder woke me up once again around 45 minutes before my alarm clock. I remembered that Ellie had slept with us. It felt good to have her spend the night. I do hope this all works out.

I decided to prepare breakfast for my lover and my master. She could stay in bed, but he had to be prepared for his day at work at 10h, while I had to start at 8h15 this morning to help with the inventory.

It was still early, but I figured that they needed to talk before he left, and that wouldn’t leave enough time if he decided to drop me off. Normally, Richard would simply drop me at the mall around 8h10 and relax until his shift started, but If I had to take the  bus, I needed to know right now otherwise I would be late.

I still had no idea what Ellie liked for breakfast so I prepared her some toast, an orange juice and some black coffee.

We only have one breakfast tray, so I ate my own breakfast in the kitchen. I decided it would allow the two lovebirds to eat a romantic breakfast without worrying about their third wheel.

It’s only when I was next to the bed that I realized that I was still completely naked.

Ellie awoke from her slumber before Richard, but soon enough, both were eating breakfast. I learned that my new partner doesn’t drink coffee, but she liked the toast and the orange juice.

“May I remind Master Richard that I start work at 8h15 this morning, so should he decide not to give me a lift, I need to know now to take a bus”

Ellie mentioned she had things to do, so rapidly, a plan was made, which involved Richard sending me to work, Ellie to her apartment and himself to work, in that order.

I escaped their company for a quick shower, but when I returned, they were in the middle of their recollection of the evening.

I quickly understood that Richard could indeed order sexual acts between his two submissive girls but that Ellie would appreciate some time with me with complete freedom to explore our sexuality. I was quickly turned on, but despite the fact we were both still naked, there was no time to get in the mood.

“I really didn’t appreciate it when Candy licked my asshole, and I found it really gross when she stuck her tongue in it. I would prefer if she no longer did that to me, and I definitely don’t want to do it to anyone.”

Richard approved, explaining she was free to set her limits.

“By the way Ellie, you never returned the checklist I sent you.”

“Apart from the very extreme, like needles and cutting, most of the things were at least okay to try. I might change my mind, but so far, I seem pretty open”

“Except for the analingus”

“What is it ?”

“Oral-Anal stimulation”

“Yeah, apart from that… But I guess otherwise, Candy’s limits are fine with me.”

After a long cuddling and kissing session between the two, they decided to take a long shower together. I was ready for work so I didn’t get a chance to peek into the bathroom, but when they came out, they were smiling.

For a girl who likes to be naked, she sure was able to get dressed quickly. I briefly helped Richard put on his uniform in the bedroom, and once I came out, she had all of her clothes on and was brushing her hair in front of the living room mirror.

The drive to work was pleasant. Richard and I explained to Ellie what our respective jobs consisted of. Ellie commented that in both cases, it was mostly customer relations.

In a way, she was right.

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  1. Krey Says:

    Toast is an infinitive, so the plural of toast is toast… not toasts.

  2. The Author Says:

    Wow, you learn something every day !

    It makes sense, but I had no idea.

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