Pets Chapter 24(Richard): Walk in the park

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My day at work had been pleasant enough. I had eaten with Candy, and took one of my breaks with her. We mostly talked about Ellie. We were both pleased she had entered our lives.

There were no major issues, as usual. I mostly patrolled the corridors, talking to the various shop employees to make sure everything was alright. I only had to spend an hour watching the mall cameras, during William’s lunch break.

The high point of the day was when I spotted Ellie waiting for me near the security office, a few minutes before my shift ended. She told me she went shopping and couldn’t wait to show me what she bought.

I was intrigued, but she insisted it remain a surprise for now. She also said we would sleep at her parent’s house tonight. At first, I was nervous, but she assured me we would be completely alone.

Once my shift ended, we sat on a bench near Candy’s store until the cash register balanced and she was allowed to leave.

Ellie had her own car, so we drove to our apartment in separate cars. I saw her put her collar as soon as she sat behind her steering wheel. At our apartment, Candy picked up our things for Monday morning at school while I changed and selected Candy’s clothes for the next day. I was assured by Ellie that Candy wouldn’t need clothes tonight.

I noticed that Ellie was packing a lot of my BDSM equipment in my toolbox, smiling all along. It was clear my girlfriend was enjoying her new lifestyle.

Ellie proposed to drive us in her car, but didn’t allow us to place anything in her trunk. I suspected that’s where she kept her surprises.

We only stopped to pick up some food for the evening, but soon enough, we drove over 40 minutes into the country until we reached an isolated driveway blocked by an iron gate on the side of a hill.

You could see the driveway for about a quarter of a mile from the gate, but the property was otherwise completely invisible due to the hill on one side, and a brick wall on the other.

Ellie pressed a button in a remote similar to a garage door opener that was stored in her glove box compartment. Within seconds, we were on the other side of the gate which promptly closed behind us.

After a few feet, the drive way did a sharp right and let us have a full view of her parent’s residence. At once, I understood why she called it the manor.

It was a three story brick house with a half circle driveway wrapping around an imposing fountain which was certainly bigger than most above ground pools.

The entrance was composed of a two story arch which allowed clear view into the wonderful marble floor lobby, complete with turning staircases carved in what seemed to be natural mahogany wood.

There were 4 garage doors, two on each side of the house. Ellie drove to the leftmost door and pressed the second button on the remote.

We parked next to a Porsche, but instead of leaving the car, Ellie started talking to us.

“First of all, we will be alone in the manor until at least tomorrow morning around 11, when the gardener will arrive. We will leave before, so it’s not a problem. Under no circumstances can you go in the east wing. Even I cannot go there, it’s my parent’s section. Other than that, we are free to go anywhere. I will be naked until tomorrow morning, and I would like it if Candy joined me for some pony play. I bought my own equipment today, and I want to show it to you as soon as we are naked.”

“So, you went shopping today for BDSM equipment.”, I replied, holding her hand.

“Yeah, I went to New York in a speciality store. I found some pretty interesting things. Oh, BTW, here is the key to my locks”.

She handed me a small padlock key. I was confused as to what it was used for, but I decided not to ruin her surprises.

She asked me to stay in the car, while she asked Candy to strip and put on her Pony play equipment. Meanwhile, she opened her trunk, blocking my view.

After a few minutes, she motioned Candy to get closer to help her to bring something big out of the trunk.

Eventually, I was authorized to get out of the car, only to discover my two girls in full pony girl gear attached to a 2 wheel cart. Both of them were naked except for their extremities. They each wore a pair of leather mittens locked in their back, hooves and a pony bit in their mouth. Ellie also had blinders on each side of her head. I noticed that each of the pieces of equipment she wore was locked by a small brass padlock. The cart was actually attached to a wide leather belt each of the girl was wearing.

“Wow Ellie. This is beautiful. Do you like it Candy ?”

I saw Candy nod in agreement. I walked behind them and noticed that Ellie’s pony tail was visibly made from real human hair, but I surmised it wasn’t Ellie’s hair. It still looked incredible on her.

I sat on the cart, which made the girls twitch a little, and noticed there was a new flogger long enough to reach the girls. My old crop was also there.

I asked the girls to move forward, and after a few adjustments in their pace we reached the still opened garage door.

I didn’t know the grounds, but there was a small path that seemed to wrap around the house which we took in the afternoon sun. Over the next half an hour, we took a nice tour of the property, first in a big garden, then around a large in ground pool, to finally reach a small wooden area.

Under the cover of the trees, I decided to play a little personally with my two ponies. I stopped the cart, and unhooked Candy from her handrail, and untied both girl’s hands from their back.

I placed her on all fours in front of Ellie, to serve as a kind of bench for her support. I had Ellie rest on her allowing me easy access to her pussy from behind.

After putting a condom, I quickly shoved it inside her cunt, voluntarily bypassing any preliminaries and going in the most barbaric way I thought. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any problem entering her, showing me she was already all wet from excitement. I could feel her tail very well, both from the pressure the plug was putting on her vagina, from the rectum and from the hairs brushing against my legs.

I could hear her moan, showing me she was having pleasure, but the bit was severely muffling the sounds she was making. I am not sure if she came before me, but it took her a few minutes to recuperate from the event.

Eventually, we resumed out walk, albeit at a slower pace.

When we eventually reached the other side of the house, both girls were dripping in sweat and their pace was gradually grinding to a halt.

I asked them to stop in front of the fountain and unhooked them from the cart. As soon as one was free, she was asked to go clean herself in the fountain, cooling down under the cascading water.

It didn’t take long for both girls to cuddle a little, but with their uniform, it was almost impossible to touch. Their mouths, hands and feet were bound in leather, leaving only their ability to rub their bodies to each other.

While they were having fun, I went into the house thru the opened garage to fetch two glasses of water. I removed their bit to let them drink and offered to not but them back on. Both girls refused my invitation. I guess were having too much fun.

We rolled the few feet until the garage as a slightly faster pace, but once we were arrived, the girls were happy to sit down a little to relax. Over an hour had elapsed !

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