Pets Chapter 27(Richard): Confusion

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Ellie and I seemed to have reached a new level in our relationship. We felt closer and sex was certainly more interesting. Some days, I had the impression that I was neglecting Candy but on the other hand, Ellie wasn’t and it seemed to please her even more.

I guess my girlfriend has some equipment that I am lacking. Or is it that she doesn’t have equipment that Candy dislikes? I never really talked with her about why she preferred woman but Ellie seemed to quickly accept physical contact with her as well as being submissive.

It felt weird having both girls over naked most of the time, but it was a good weird. The kind that sends warmth down your spine.

Ellie saw an ad for a BDSM group downtown which operate a dungeon every Saturday evening and asked if that was something that interested us.

Personally, I was immediately seduced to the idea of attending. Having Candy and Ellie naked on all fours and doing pet play in front of others could only increase their sex appeal in my mind. Plus, seeing the other play could perhaps help us find new ideas on what to do during our sessions.

Candy was oddly nervous all weeks until I managed to make her admit she wasn’t ready to be naked in front of others. Not yet at least. Ellie hugged her hard and reassured her: she liked that Candy was nude to please her but she never wanted to put any pressure on her.

I reaffirmed that I wouldn’t ask anything in public of her without her approval. Candy felt relieved and Ellie felt guilty for stressing her so both girls began to kiss passionately and without my intervention, continued their make-out session in bed, leading to a rather hot evening with Ellie and Candy locked in a 69 position, despite their first failed attempt.

It was nevertheless hot seeing Candy on top of Ellie brushing her breasts against her stomach and Ellie working hard to bring pleasure to her partner despite not being really bisexual.

I couldn’t see Ellie’s lips being caressed by Candy’s expert tongue because of Candy’s blond hair dropping over my girlfriend’s thighs.

But I could see everything Ellie was doing, so I undressed and laid myself next to her, from time to time interrupting her actions to kiss her, which was no easy feat with Candy’s legs in the way.

If it was just up to me, I would rather right at that moment penetrated Candy to thank her for her efforts, but I knew she didn’t really appreciate it, accepting me in the past only in a submissive way. To make it worse, I had not asked Ellie what she thought about that so I might have hurt her feelings if I had tried.

It’s not that I really desired Candy, but I guess I was becoming confused seeing her naked almost all of the time and having so much sex with Ellie. Before Ellie came into our lives, when I had a burning desire to just pummel Candy’s cunt, I simply took it and the desire would fade for the following weeks or months as my guilty conscience kept me away.

But then, I rarely saw her naked and I never saw her having lesbian sex, bringing more confusion to my desires.

Now, my conscience was stopping me before even doing the act. Did this mean I was more mature or simply that I was less dominant ?

In all cases, while I was lost in my thoughts, Candy had moved away and placed a condom on my well erect cock. I wondered for a few seconds if the girls had sensed my thoughts but I was soon reassured by Ellie sitting on me.

It would be the first time we would have sex with her on top and I decided to enjoy it as much as I could by looking at her body, caressing her breasts and helping her grinding me in new sensual movements I hadn’t felt so far.

I had sex with Candy on top in the past, but she wasn’t particularly active in her role.

This on the other hand was rather exciting. I pulled by her hair Candy who was masturbating on the side, and kissed her. I knew she would taste like Ellie’s vagina and it only increased my desire. When I stopped, I pulled Ellie and wantonly kissed her to show her I loved her.

Perhaps it was because Candy started on her. Perhaps it was because she was controlling the rhythm, but Ellie came first in a screaming orgasm which told me that she was completely satisfied.

She pulled out without bothering to ask me if I was done. I guess we weren’t in a BDSM situation tonight. My thoughts came back to Candy. I guess I had to get it over with and see what would happen.

“Ellie, do you mind if I finish with Candy ?”

She mumbled something which sounded like “Fine” so I pulled Candy hard, almost threw her on her back, and shoved my dick in her cunt without even switching condom.

I don’t think Candy really had the time to realize what was doing on and she had an annoyed look on her face. I think she thought that having Ellie meant I would stop having sex with her. I thought so too.

“Bitch, my dick is lubricated with Ellie’s cunt. What does that do to you ?”

“I love it master”, but her face had the same joyless expression as before, so I hurried and came inside of her, but cuddled Ellie once I was done.

Candy stayed there for a few minutes and eventually cuddled us without masturbating. Ellie fell asleep rather quickly but I had trouble sleeping due to my guilt.

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