Pets Chapter 5(Richard): Good Morning

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I didn’t have any classes until 10h on Tuesday but I was restless so I decided to walk around campus, partly to remain awake but also partly in the hope of seeing Ellie again.

When Candy told me she called, I couldn’t help but feel joyful and uplifted. All night long, I analysed what the call meant. During our lab class, she was distant and almost frigid, but she decided to come sit with me over lunch and even had some fun.

She was a mystery to be solved !

Fortunately, the science building only has one primary entrance, so I managed to see her as she was climbing up the stairs shortly after 8h.

“Hello Ellie! “

She lifted up her dreamy eyes to me and managed to slightly crack open a smile.

“I called you yesterday, but you were asleep”.

I think she tried to answer with the same monotonous voice she had used in our first conversation, but I could detect a hint of hope behind her facade.

“Yeah, on Monday and Tuesday evenings, I work the night shift for 8 hours, so I have to sleep during the afternoon. Candy is under strict orders not to wake me up until 10h00. Sorry, I should have warned you”

“That’s okay. What do you do for work ?”

“Security agent at the west city mall. I work on the day during the week-end, and Monday and Tuesday night, 11 o’clock to 7 in the morning.”

“Must be tough going to college and working nights.”

“I don’t have a lot to do during the night, so I do my homework between rounds. The week-ends are a handful thought. Can’t really complain, it pays the bills. And I get to see Candy during the day : she works at one of the boutiques.”

“You and her are roommate ? “

“We rent an apartment just outside college. We went to the same high school and have known each for years. Do you have you own apartment ? “

“Yeah. One of the rare perks of being a Lamburger I suppose. I don’t need a part time job so I can focus on my studies”

“And your social life”

“Pardon me ?”

This girl really seemed lonely.

“College is where you learn to be an adult. You learn new skills both from your education and from your social life. This is just your second day right ? This is our second year. You learn as much from other students as you do from teachers. For example, Candy is teaching me fashion sense. She wanted to be a clothes designers, but her parents forced her to study in college in a “serious” program so she chose psychology. And Susan is studying in finance, so I learned a lot about keeping a budget.”

She waited a few seconds before answering. As if it was unreal to expect friends to help you out. After the long pause, she simply added.

“My class is about to start. I’ll see you at lunch.”

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