Pets Chapter 19(Ellie): Home Alone

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Once Candy gone, I was left alone with Richard.

I had played a few scenes with the two of them but this was the first time I was going to do something with just Richard.

I was both thrilled and scared but then again, perhaps that was exactly the point.

“What did you like the most so far Ellie ?”

“I liked the tail a lot. It made me feel, how can I say, owned. Reduced to chattel. “

“Odd. That’s normally the role of a collar”

How exciting…

“Is that it ? Is that why Candy wear her collar ? To show she belongs to you ?”

“Yes, in a way. It is a common symbol in the BDSM community. A little like a wedding ring.”

“I want one then. I want to belong to you”

Richard confirmed to me that this is what he wanted but I couldn’t help but feel it. All my life I had felt ignored, pushed aside and now I was becoming a prized possession.

He picked up Candy’s collar and put it on me, explaining that collars are supposed to be personal but that he didn’t have another one for now.

I could feel the coldness of leather around my neck. I was still standing up, but I was lost in my thoughts touching the collar with both of my hands when I felt Richard placing KY on my butt.

He hadn’t announced it but a few seconds later, I felt Candy’s butt plug enter and spread once again my tight rectum. The sensation of pain caused by the sudden entrance subsided and was replaced by the tingling sensation of Candy’s hair on my naked legs.

“Do you want for me to talk you through it or would you prefer to be surprised ?”, he asked me without letting me really collect my thoughts.

“Surprise me, but don’t gag me please”.

Without letting me really finish my thought, Richard started whipping me with the tail extending from my ass. I could feel the delicate hair of his other submissive gently biting into my cheeks. With every hit, the butt plug tugged slightly on my inner wall submitting gentle waves of pleasure at the same time as the pain from the whipping hit me.

It was delightful but it was soon replaced by what I recognized as a riding crop. Typically used to encourage horses to move faster, Richard was gently hitting my cheeks with it.

I decided to go with the mood and started walking forward, lifting my knees as high as I could. I didn’t know if Richard was surprised or not at my initiative, but he followed me and slowly gave me directions on where to go.

After a few minutes, he told me to stop and bring my hands to my back.

He took each of my hands and placed it so it held the other arm. While I mused internally that it lifted my breasts a little, he took a segment of rope and started to tie my arms in a kind of shackle.

With the rest of the rope, he started to wrap my upper body surrounding my breast in a sort of bra made of rope, which compressed the sides of my breasts.

Richard attached a leash to the collar, and began pulling me toward the bedroom. I kept walking like a pony girl until I reached the side of the bed.

I noticed that Richard was rearranging the pillows to form a comfortable wedge toward which I was sure he wanted me to rest.

I thought that surely he would untie my arms, but instead he guided me so I could sit on the bed with my back to the pillow wedge. I couldn’t say I was comfortable but it wasn’t unpleasant. The worst was feeling the butt-plug push against me as I was actually sitting on it.

I was left alone while Richard fetch his toolbox from the living room. When he arrived, he installed a leather restraint on.

Each of my ankles and tied them to opposite corners of the bed, exposing my partially wet pussy.

Completely at his mercy, I stayed silent but puzzled by the simple objects he was lining on the mattress by my side. There were perhaps two dozen plastic clothespin and two classic mouse traps.

He took one of the clothespin and placed it on my left breast, perhaps 2 inches from the nipple, pinching my skin. It hurt a little but it was a bearable pain not an absolutely agonizing one.

One by one, he installed a dozen clothespin on each of my breasts in a circle around my nipple. Slowly, the pain from the earlier ones was overtaking the pain from new additions.

It was both tickling and hurting but I couldn’t scratch myself in any way. I knew I only needed to say one word to make it stop, but the sensation was just too overpowering to make me think straight.

And that’s when he decided to gently place each of the mouse traps on a nipple.

I wouldn’t say that the mouse trap per se hurt more than the clothespin, but they were placed in portion of my body which is a lot more sensitive than the rest. Furthermore, the pinching caused by the spring on the mouse trap was negligible compared to the weight of the traps which was pulling on my erect nipples.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds to concentrate on the sensations and Richard took the opportunity to insert something in my vagina.

I quickly opened my eyes to realize that he had inserted a vibrator but before I could say anything, he turned it on.

I had never used a vibrator before so I don’t really have a baseline to compare to. All I know is that when the pleasure from the fake penis reached my brain, a switch turned on into my head.

Suddenly, the clothespins and the mouse traps weren’t hurting me. They were pleasing me. It was as if my brain had lost the ability to distinguish between pleasure and pain.

When I was about to come, Richard started removing some of the clothespin which brought an intense rush on my breasts. I knew intellectually that this intense sensation was actually acute pain caused by the blood returning to the skin but my brain still equated it to ecstasy, bringing me even closer to the brink.

After roughly half of the clothespin were removed, my body went into convulsion as an orgasmic wave shook every one of my muscles. I know I was vocal in my pleasure but I am not sure my ears were fully awake from the exhaustion.

Richard turned off the vibrator without removing it and quickly removed the rest of the clothespin. Sadly, my brain had resumed its normal functions and removing each was like burning me with a red iron.

I dreaded removing the two mouse traps, but I knew they had to go at some point. I clenched my teeth and Richard removed first the left one and quickly followed with the right one.

I don’t know if it was because I anticipated it or not, but the pain was almost tolerable.

Still without exchanging any words, Richard stripped naked and put a condom on his visibly erect cock. I yearned to touch him and caress his sweat body but my hands were still tied to my back and even my legs were secured.

He gently lifted me to allow him to enter into my flowing cavern. This was the second time he was in me but it was a completely different sensation.

This time, I wasn’t in for my own pleasure. I had already climaxed. All I wanted was to please him. He let me kiss him a few times but before I knew it, he had collapsed on the bed next to me, exhausted by a strong orgasm.

I know, it sounds anti-climatic: I didn’t receive much pleasure from the act. But I felt used, I felt useful and I felt good.

Still unable to move, I spoke to my master.

“Richard, I want to be your slave. Do what you want with me. I am fully yours”.

“Thank you Ellie. But perhaps we should now work on being a couple ? What do you think ?”

“Sure. What do you have in mind ? “

“A date. A night out to eat in a restaurant. With clothes on. Like a normal couple. But then, we come back home for a little more of this or perhaps some action between you and Candy.”

“Sounds delightful Master”

Hum… I liked the sound of that.

“Hum, I like it when you call me that”.

So, I guess we were in sync after all…

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