Pets Chapter 29(Candy): Bored at School

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After our fight, Richard and Ellie cuddled in the bedroom, but I didn’t feel like sharing their love so I took a long shower instead.

I didn’t care if my master wanted me to prepare breakfast for him this morning, he would do it himself. I agreed to be his slave under specific conditions and I still felt like he broke one of them.

But that didn’t prevent me from masturbating in the shower, thinking about his cock abusing me. It might be weird, but for the first time in my life I looked forward to being fucked by a man.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love Richard and I don’t like being fucked. But I absolutely love being humiliated and I couldn’t see anything more degrading for a lesbian girl like me than being used as a back-up vagina for a man.

Perhaps that’s why I had agreed to do it in the past, to make me feel even more worthless, but it wasn’t conscious back then.

I did start to love our new arrangement with Ellie but I didn’t want to jeopardize it in any way. When I left the shower, I decided to get dressed for school right away, before leaving the bathroom.

When I left it, my master was dressed for school but Ellie was naked once more. Didn’t she have classes later this morning ?

I ate breakfast without really talking to either of them and Richard dropped me at school after an equally silent ride. We left Ellie behind so I guess she would find her own way back to her apartment or to school.

In class however, I couldn’t concentrate. All I could think of was Richard, Ellie, our week-end, our intensive Pony Play and the extraordinary feeling of doing yoga in the sunset, fully nude, despite the cold.

I wondered how this could be incorporated into our BDSM lifestyle and thought about the Gor positions. Richard had shown me two or three but I remember that there were a few more positions for slaves to take.

As soon as my class was over, I went online and searched for the positions in question and was initially surprised to find 15, but soon realized that many were either just variations or were simply impractical as part of a salute.

Still, I managed to compile a new salute to the sun based on the Gor positions, but I had to invent a few on my own.

Who said I was dim-witted ?

The first four and the last four are identical, but the middle four form a unique progression unlike the original yoga salute to the sun for which the first 6 positions mirror the last 6.

I was still proud of myself and couldn’t wait to show Ellie my progress.

But what surprised me the most, is that I thought mostly about her, without really having thoughts about Richard. Was I slowly moving away from him?

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