Pets Chapter 3(Candy): First Impressions

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Richard was daydreaming when I came in. I politely saluted him by nodding my head, and went to pick up our food. I really like seeing him in his green shirt. The shade really contrasted with his brown hair and eyes, and his skin looks more lively. At first, you would have thought, green ? On Richard ? But the effect was sensational.

Today was spaghetti day, which I really enjoyed, but Richard always thought there wasn’t enough meat in the sauce, so I bought him a slice of pizza instead. I picked his favourite dessert, and decided to buy some carrot sticks for the two of us.

Normally, I have a lot of snacks in my bag, but today I had been in a hurry and forgot. I hope Richard won’t be too mad at me.

As usual, I sat down next to him, and made sure my skirt was well placed on my seat. I didn’t want to sit on the skirt itself.

Richard thanked me for his food, and complimented me on choosing the pizza. I was glad he approved. I hate to disappoint him.

Elizabeth and Matthew had arrived in the mean time. I greeted them rapidly and noticed that Elizabeth’s blouse was new. It really helped highlight her small perky breasts.

The three of them were talking about classes, but I remained silent. I wondered if Susan and Kate would join us for lunch. I really liked when Susan was there. She was the only other one of our group who liked to dress nice. Too bad she is too tall or we could trade clothes. Kate was more of a conventional girl, with clothes that never truly revealed her form. Oh well, they can’t be as elegant as Susan and I.

A strange girl came to join us. Richard presented her has being “Ellie”. I wonder if it’s a nickname or her true name.

She was almost as tall as Richard, which is saying a lot. She wore an old pair of torn black jeans and a highly wrinkled gray t-shirt. Her long black hair tied in a off-center pony tail really gave an impression of neglect in her appearance, yet, her skin looked sensational.  I don’t know if she would eat with us a lot, but I hope I will be able to convince her to let me do a make-over. She definitely could use one.

Her figure seemed amazing. Apart from her glorious breasts, she probably didn’t have an once of fat, and seeing her plate, I could understand. Just a small salad ? How will you last the day girl ?

I definitely wouldn’t mind if Richard started seeing her. I could see it in his eyes. This would be his next target. I tried to see the signs. Her eyes were definitely sad enough for him. And she barely smiled. Just his type.

When I was presented, I had the chance to shake her hand, realizing that she did moisturize a lot, which stroked me a s odd. If she has money to buy lotion, why not buy better clothes ? It did explain her sensational skin thought.

The lunch went well. Richard made a lot of jokes, and Ellie laughed to quite a few of them. She has a cute reserved laugh. Not the type to turn heads around for miles, but the type to really convince you that if you managed to make her laugh, it was not by sympathy.

I wished I had something funny to say all along to get her to laugh, but I ended up listening in silence, sometimes getting lost in my own thoughts.

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  1. ktrip Says:

    I came to your site from Tales Of Mu and I like how Candy sounds a little like TWO.

    Her internal monologues don’t really sound like her, but she seems to behave like her a little.

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