Pets Chapter 8(Candy): Waking Up

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I woke up on the floor of the living room, confused and rested. When Richard had first suggested I sleep on the floor, I thought I would never get used to it, but I find myself waking up outside of the bed more and more frequently.

The one new thing was that I was naked. I remembered the night before, but I didn’t remember falling asleep or Ellie leaving.

Her clothes were no longer on the floor, nor anywhere I could see. I checked the clock and realized my alarm clock would ring in about 15 minutes.

After a trip to the bathroom, I decided to please my master with a breakfast in bed. I prepared his toasts and his morning coffee and juice the way he wants them and decided to wait outside the closed bedroom door.

I knew he had a class this morning, that’s why I set my alarm clock, but I didn’t know if after last night, he still wanted to go.

I waited until one minute before seven and silently walked in the bedroom. I stood next to the bed until the radio automatically turned on, waking him up. He was alone, so Ellie didn’t sleep in last night.

“Good morning Master, your slave prepared you breakfast”. I gently opened the lamp, letting him adjust to the new light level.

As soon as he sat up in bed, I put the tray on top of him and kneeled by the bed, my hands on my knees. He noticed there were 2 extra toasts prepared like I like them. After a few sips of coffee and a few bites of toasts, he tore a corner of one of my toast and fed it to me.

“You decided to remain naked ? I guess I didn’t tell you otherwise. Would you mind being naked in the apartment in the future ?”

I shook a no with my head, taking a new piece of hand-fed toast.

“I had a long talk with Ellie after you feel asleep. Tonight, you will prepare us a big bowl of salad with tomatoes and croutons. Ellie will bring the main plate. Tofu or something. She tries to be a vegetarian as much as possible. You will be our waitress. We decided you will be naked but for a ball gag and that pony tail. She was rather impressed by it. After serving us, you will be a dog for the rest of the evening and sleep in your cage by the bed.  If evening goes well, Ellie will spend the night and tomorrow morning, she’ll try a few things while you are at school. “

I was so excited. For an unknown reason, I loved sleeping in the cage after an afternoon of pet play. Perhaps it reinforced the impression I was just an animal.

After we finished breakfast, we prepared for college. I prepared the school material while, like usual, Richard picked my clothes.

He chose one of my shortest skirts along with one of my deepest décolleté shirts. What he liked about that shirt was that I couldn’t wear a bra with it. What I liked about it was that all day, I would feel humiliated because I knew I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Once we were ready, we went in the car, but Richard asked me to sit in the back.

“We will pick up Ellie on the way to school, since she will be coming back with us.”

I sat in silence for the ride toward a much nicer sector of the city. Eventually, we saw Ellie waiting for us on a corner with her bag.

Richard and her talked a lot on the way to school about the previous evening. I know I heard my names a few time, but I mostly dozed off, waiting patiently for time to pass by.

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