Pets Chapter 11(Richard): Eating

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I must admit I was surprised by the taste of the tofu pieces. As a guy, I had a natural aversion to it, but I was decided to try them for Ellie, considering all she was willing to try.

“So, what kind of family do you come from Richard ? You know about mine. I heard about Amber’s. What about yours ?”

“My parents were always supportive of each other and of my older sister, but I often had the impression that because I wasn’t causing any problems, they didn’t know what to do with me. In school, I was successful with grades which meant I wasn’t close to the other students. The first time I started having the impression I had any control on anything was when Amber and I started BDSM. Sometimes, I wonder if this means that in order to enjoy this lifestyle, you need to be broken in a way or another, but if it’s the case, I am glad, today in particular, to be broken.”

I could see Ellie blushing a little, partly trying to hide her emotions by looking at her plate. I think she noticed from the corner of her eyes that Candy still hadn’t moved.

“Why isn’t she eating ?”, Ellie asked.

“I haven’t given her the authorization yet. Do you want to do it yourself ? You simply need to order her to eat.”

I waited a few seconds as Ellie was trying to gather the courage, but soon enough, I heard “Eat Candy” which prompted her to drop on her hands and eat directly in her bowl, her face buried in her food.

The first few times Candy ate in a bowl, she complained her clothes had been all dirty after eating. I had personally found it very sexy so we continued. With time, Candy became an expert at eating cleanly and rapidly from a bowl, much to my disappointment.

Ellie had stopped eating and for that matter, talking. All she was able to do was stared with a smile at Candy eating on the floor.

As she was slowly losing herself in the scene, I noticed her hands were slowly approaching her crotch, telling me she was visibly getting aroused.

I still didn’t know if Ellie was dominant or submissive, or even if she would still enjoy it once the novelty of BDSM would fade away, but I decided to try something bold.

“Do you want to try it Ellie ?”

Her reply was totally confused and most of her words were inaudible. I went to the cupboard and retrieved another bowl, which I filled with some of the food from her plate, making sure they were well cut.

Seeing a complete lack of objection, I put it on the floor near Candy. Seeing a lack of movement from Ellie, I took her hand and gently pulled her away from her comfortable chair and toward the cold floor next to Candy.

Ellie hesitantly installed herself next to my submissive and started eating from her bowl. Once I saw she kept going on, I sat back up to finish my plate, smiling at my good fortune. I was used in eating alone with my slave eating on the floor, but this was not only the first time I had two naked girls next to me, it was also the first time one of my dates ended up like this.

Despite Ellie having less food her in bowl, Candy finished first. She resumed her waiting position until Ellie finally joined her, with some rice stuck next to her mouth and a few more bits dropping on her thighs and breasts.

Ellie realized she was all dirty and went to clean herself, but Candy gently took her hand, and started licking her thigh to clean her up.

Slowly, she worked her way up, causing shivers to her partner when she licked her breasts clean. At first, I thought Candy would kiss Ellie after cleaning around her mouth, but instead, she resumed her position.

I invited Ellie to sit back up in her chair if she wanted to, and after a little hesitation, she followed my lead.

“How did it feel ?”

“Good” was the only word that managed to get out of her mouth. She took a few more bites from her plate, but I think she found this a little disappointing after her exciting feeding period.

Without another word, we went to the sofa. Ellie sat next to me and cuddled me, while Candy walked on all four until she took a foetal position on the floor at my feet.

I had planned to watch a movie, so make this sound more like a date, but I wasn’t in any position to move. After a few minutes, I turned my head and Ellie rose up to kiss me.

We kept a good kissing embrace for several minutes and even when we separated, our eyes were tightly looked into each other.

Ellie broke the silence. “Where were you all my life ?”

“Waiting for you. Waiting for tonight”, was all I could answer while Ellie held me close once more.

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