Pets Chapter 21(Ellie): Sapphic Evening

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Finally, we were home from supper. I must admit that eating out with my boyfriend was fun. Now that were back however, I could only think about my previous supper I finished eating on the floor, next to Candy.

Speaking of the devil, we found her kneeling in the bedroom in front of her cage, fully naked except for her collar and her leash. She greeted us by barking happily.

It was clear she was in a playful mood. I didn’t wait long before I changed so I was still wearing my own brand new collar… and nothing else.

Candy had decided to calm down and was kneeling on the floor, with her hands on her knees, just like yesterday. I decided to join her in the same exact position, imagining that it was a position Richard once taught her.

When Richard joined us, he had a grinning smile that said a lot about his level of excitement.

He asked me to go lay down on the bed, spread-eagled. He soon followed me in with a few leather accessories. Within a period of 2 minutes, my hands and feet were safely secured to the four bed-posts, leaving me unable to move.

He took a few pillows and put them under the top of my back and my head, so I was able to see my predicament.

“I want to know some of your limits Ellie. Don’t hesitate to use your safe-words or to talk to me about how you feel. You mentioned a few times that you feel like Amber is a part of our relationship. She certainly wants to be. I want to see how you two interact. Don’t worry, tonight doesn’t mean it will be the norm from now on, unless you want it to be. Just try to relax and have fun”

Richard left for the living room, and came back with Candy, pulling her by her leash. Once she was next to the bed, he untied the leash and slowly retreated toward a chair in the corner of the room.

Candy moved on the bed and started kissing my feet, slowly walking her way up my body toward my mouth.

I guess I figured out where this was going. Richard and Amber both mentioned they wanted to try it and I never said no. Tonight I would have sex with Candy and I will figure out if my couple can became a threesome.

Soon enough, she was on top of me, French kissing me while I could feel her thigh rubbing against my clitoris and her breasts pressing against mine.

Her mouth was just as pleasant to kiss as the first time but unlike her first visit on this bed, I was unable to reciprocate with anything but my tongue, forcing me to express myself solely thru that kiss.

Without separating our lips, Candy want only to replace the pressure of her legs between mine by the gentle touch of her right hand. Doing so, the pressure of her upper body increased on my chest, now that she was only secured by one hand.

It was not the first time I had a person on top of me during sex, but the lightness of her body was really a point in favour of homosexual relationships. Seriously, most of the guys I dated were at least 50% heavier than I was and a good portion of them didn’t like it when I was on top. Perhaps they felt insecure or something. In all cases, I ended crushed under their weight.

In retrospect, most of my dating with guys had been relatively…

Whoa, what was that. Candy had changed her slight rubbing of my labia by an alternating pattern of gently rubbing and a firm squeezing of my clitoris. The few guys who had attempted such a manoeuvre ended up seriously hurting me due to the sensitive nature of the clitoris.

This time however, it was perfect.

As the pressure increased on my body, Candy decided to lower herself in order to use her mouth to a better use. With a delicate suction, she took my outer labia into her mouth, giving plenty of room for her wonderfully articulated tongue to penetrate me, frequently leaving my vagina to rotate around my clitoris, which was becoming lonely.

She seemed to know exactly when to switch position between the two stations in a frantic ballet synchronisation which propelled me into my first exploding orgasm of the evening.

Most guys had already came by that point, forcing me to finish on my own, but Candy was far from over. Once my body had reached a small plateau, she abandoned my mound to resume our French kiss, using her hand once more to stimulate me. This time, there are a significant difference.

I had been aware that my body had been producing a lot of fluid. I almost had the impression that I was drowning in liquid. Sure, her saliva added to the mix, but I could taste I was definitely well aroused.

As soon as her lips touched mine, not only did I realize that the lower portion of her face was completely wet, but her kiss actually tasted like my own cum.

I had the opportunity to taste it in the past, but never in such a magnitude. I was actively swallowing it to prevent myself from chocking on the liquid exchange.

Ok, I admit, I am exaggerating, but I definitely swallowed some of it, providing me with a weird emotional response which, you guessed it, culminated with my second orgasm.

I would be lying if I said that the taste of my own lubrication triggered it. If I was to point a responsible party, it would be Candy’s expert hand working on my already excited clitoris. But I am convinced it was a factor.

Richard untied my hands and my feet, and asked me if I was willing to return the favour to Candy. Too ashamed to answer, I moved on my side, letting Candy position herself on the bed, with her legs spread apart.

I started by continuing our kiss, while my own hand was trying to caress her mound for the second time in a week. This time however, I was not being distracted and I knew she was waiting for me.

I used my fingers to enter her pussy, forcing me to part from her lips, using them to explore for the first time the inner sanctum of another girl.

I always thought I had a good idea how the interior of a vagina felt like, seeing that I have one, but I was not really prepared for it. Instead of a smooth surface, I discovered that it felt more like a series of waves. Kind of like feeling the ribs of another person through their skin, but softer.

I felt a small thicker mass a few inches in the opening and started to caress it thinking it was her G spot. From her reaction, I think I was right.

After a while, I decided to stop delaying the inevitable and put my lips between her legs, attempting to reproduce the effects she had caused me.

The smell and taste of her own juices were a lot more overtaking than I imagined. The only other times I tasted a pussy was my own through kissing one of my lovers. Still, it wasn’t a discomforting sensation. I did have to take my breath from time to time, which Candy had not needed to do. Perhaps I was doing something wrong, but she didn’t seem to mind.

After a while my mouth became tired and Candy started rubbing with her fingers her clitoris to help me bring her closer to climax.

When she finally managed to reach it, my mouth was overwhelmed by her lubricant, which was not as unpleasant as it sounds.

Richard spoke once more to ask me to lay on my back. Candy slowly inverted herself, placing her mouth over my navel as she was aligning her own mound to arrive on top of my mouth. Once installed, we were in a 69 position, each of us licking the clitoris of her partner.

I had never successfully participated in a 69 position, and this was no exception. When the two sexual partners are not the same size, such as Candy and I, it is hard to be fully comfortable, but even when that’s not a problem, as soon as I am receiving pleasure, I stop concentrating on my partner.

After a few frustrating minutes, Candy switched around and we resumed our French-Kissing. This time, both of our juices mixed together, causing me to taste a distinct difference between us, with Candy’s lubricant being a little fruity in flavour.

Richard ordered me to move on my stomach once more. I heard him whisper something to Candy while he was starting to undress himself.

Soon, I hoped, he would be inside of me…

I almost jumped off the bed when Candy’s tongue slid between by buttocks and started licking my rectum. Richard told me to relax and reassured me it was okay.

I did relax, but the weirdness of having a girl licking my asshole never left me mind, letting unable to really enjoy it.

I didn’t have a problem with anal sex, but this was just beyond what I always…

Hold on a second. Did she just insert her tongue inside ?

As Candy was gently sodomizing me with her tongue I heard Richard getting undressed.

I must admit that not only was I not turned on by this gross act, it wasn’t particularly enjoyable. When I was about to ask Richard to make it stop, he gently pushed Candy aside, and laid next to me on the bed.

I turned around to kiss him, and I noticed he already had a condom on. “Turn around”, he confidently asked.

Within a few seconds, I realized what he was attempting to do. He was softly trying to push trough the muscles of my anus with his erect penis. I tried to relax as much as possible, knowing it was the key to a successful sodomy.

Rapidly, he was in. Perhaps his condom was more lubricated than those used by my previous partners or perhaps I was more relaxed that usual. I suspect Candy’s saliva wasn’t completely foreign either to the ease of entry.

With each push, he gently entered deeper within my bowel, causing more and more waves of pleasures, making me forget we were not alone.

Candy made me jump a little when she inserted her fingers inside my vagina, providing two sources of pleasure. I don’t know if this was what a double penetration felt like but if it was, it would definitely not be outside my limits.

It didn’t take long before I had my third orgasm, the strongest of the evening. As soon as I came, I warned Richard that he was to get out, because slowly, it was starting to hurt me due to the contractions of my muscles.

As soon as he was out, he told Candy to kneel on the bed, removed his condom and started to masturbate in front of her but looking at me laying totally exhausted on the bed.

I was gently stroking his thigh, while Candy was caressing his balls. After a few minutes, a generous amount of sperm exploded on Candy’s breasts, while he was moving from the left to the right to spread a line on top of them.

He laid next to me on the other side, leaving me between him and Candy, who remained immobile. As soon as he caught his breath, he ordered me to clean Candy with my tongue.

My first reaction was disgust but I soon realized it was probably exactly the point of the action, so I obliged.

I had not tasted sperm in a few months but even if I had the night before, it never failed to surprise me. I don’t believe there is a comparable substance in the world. It is kind of creamy, and seems to stick to the mouth. I always said it : this stuff isn’t for swallowing. But then again I always thought that pain couldn’t be a part of sex, so I guess I still have to learn a few things.

Once I was finished, I realized I had a few drops on my cheek, but when I came to clean it with my fingers, Candy stopped me and licked it clean. As soon as she was done, we French kissed some more, exchanging a pot luck meal composed from the cum of all three people on the bed.

It’s only once we were all cuddling in bed that I remembered that her tongue had been in my ass a few minutes before our kiss.

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