Pets Chapter 26(Ellie): Salute to the Sun

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The afternoon and the evening had been perfect in everyway. Being “used” sexually by Richard before supper felt amazingly great and the supper itself had been surprisingly been exciting, especially since both Candy and I still had tomato sauce dried on our nude body.

We had pulled our master’s cart without getting the benefit of cleaning ourselves first so the various bits of sauce we had dropped on our breasts or spilled around our mouth simply dried as we ran in the wind.

We stopped behind the house and Richard stepped out of the cart for a few minutes, leaving us waiting there, unable to see what he was doing.

Sadly, we felt it and immediately cringed: he took out the garden hose and was soaking us to rinse off the tomato sauce and our sweat with ice cold water.

Once he was done, he removed our gag and unhooked us from the cart.

“So girls, how did you like your time as a pony”

“I loved it”, I admitted.

“It was incredible, but I am cold from the water… can I get a towel ?”, replied Candy.

We went inside and removed the last pieces of our pony gear, sitting on the living room couch, leaving Candy and I fully naked, like I love it.

Richard sat between us and I rested my head on his shoulder. We stayed silent for several minutes until I noticed that the sun was starting to lower in the sky through the windows.

“Hey Candy, did you ever do yoga ?”

“Not really. Why ?”

“Let’s go outside, we’ll do the salute to the sun together in front of the sunset. I’ve done it plenty of time, enraging my parents.”

“Why”, asked Candy, “they don’t like Yoga ?”

“No, they don’t care about yoga. They’re the ones who signed me up for classes. They don’t like that I do it in the nude thought.”

“Oh, right…”

The three of us proceeded outside and I proceeded to guide my partners through the salute. Richard just wanted to watch, but I convinced him to at least try this time, that yoga wasn’t just for girls…

“There are 12 positions, just like there are 12 hours on a clock. The first one is called the mountain. You stand up straight and hold your arms as if you are praying. Take several deep breaths”.

I was facing the sunset but Candy and Richard were turning their back to it in order to face me. It would do.

After a few seconds in place, I guided them to the second position, where you raise your arms up and arch your back as far as you feel right while inhaling.

We kept our breath and when I exhaled, we all went to the third position in which we rest our hands to our feet. I was supple enough to do it thanks to my past yoga lessons and Candy wasn’t too bad either, but Richard could barely touch the ground with his fingers. He would have to practice some stretching exercises in the future.

On the next inhalation, I stepped forward with my hands and my right leg. Richard stepped the wrong leg, but that’s a minor thing.

We exhaled and stretch our body forward as when doing a push-up. Candy had a hard time holding in place but my muscular boyfriend looked comfortable for the first time since beginning the salute.

We held the position and inhaled. On the next exhalation, we lowered ourselves to the ground, having only our feet and hands touching.

Candy had to relax her body and lay on the grass but Richard and I held the position of the stick for a few seconds until it was time to stretch our back upwards by using our arms to raise our torso.

The next position always makes newcomers laugh because we lift our hips and raise our butt in the air. Candy managed to remain serious but Richard had to restrain a chuckle.

From that point on, we return to our original position. First with our right foot forward and with our hands on the ground, then standing up but with our hands still anchored in the grass, and finally with our arms stretched above our head before returning to the mountain.

Richard was about to talk, but I silenced him and we repeated the cycle, this time with the left leg, or the right leg in Richard’s case.

As it is generally the case, all of us felt more relaxed and calm. The sun had set during our exercises and we gently walked to my room where we slept the sleep of the just.

Would any of us have preferred having sex one more time ? Most likely, but it had been a long day and we were more in a cuddling mood.

Both of my partners were asleep before I was. Stuck between them in the bed I got the impression that today, I grew up immensely in maturity.

In the past, I was either the young obedient girl or the rebellious solitary teen who didn’t trust anyone.

Today however, I was able to put my life into Richard’s hands and trust him blindly while at the same time retaining my personality, my drive and my passion.

Even thought it took less than a week, I believe I was now adjusted to my new life, and couldn’t wait to see what else the future held for me.

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