Pets Chapter 31(Ellie): Research

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I hate Mondays. I always did, because it meant I was back alone in our huge mansion with my father back to work and my mother either out shopping or hiding in her room with strict orders not to bother her.

It’s not that week-ends were much better. Even before I began spending them naked my parents ignored me. But at least, there were there. I could sometime eat at the same table or watch the same TV show in the living room.

Mondays was back to being alone with the help who generally was no help. A cook will not help you with your emotional problems other than giving you chocolate. A tutor will not help you with your loneliness other than helping you finish your homework.

But Mondays eventually were days where I would return to school and be usually ignored by the other kids because of my family.

Since I arrived in college, the teasing and comments stopped and I became an anonymous college student, just like the rest.

Richard and Candy filled my heart by being there but on Monday nights, Richard was alone to prepare for his night shift and Candy could only stay in their apartment because she stayed silent in the living room.

Going there and talking with her would wake Richard ruin his night.

Instead, I stayed home, alone with my nudity.

Maybe it was odd, but being naked in my apartment now that Candy and Richard accepted it no longer felt like a rebellion against my parents. It felt as if it was simply the new norm for my life and that putting clothes on now would feel weird rather than expected.

It’s as if it was as normal for me to strip naked in my apartment as if it was to remove your coat when you get inside. I no longer felt the rush, the excitement at the idea that I was disappointing my parents.

I did my homework in bed, like I usually do, with some music in the background. Once I was done, I checked my e-mails and browsed randomly on BDSM ideas until I discovered a semi-private dungeon right here, close to campus.

They officially welcomed university students, giving a 50% rebate on the entrance fee with a student ID and offered special activities to cater to students on special University events.

All of the pictures in the gallery were of older clients but perhaps the students simply didn’t want to be publicly displayed.

They only had activities 3 evenings per week, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with Wednesdays opening earlier, at 5h00 PM, instead of 10h00 PM and being half-price.

This meant that for students, instead of paying the regular 20$ per person at the entrance, the cost was only 5$ on Wednesday evenings.

I read their rules and they were rather open-minded, allowing both BDSM and sexual activities as well as nudity and sexy clothes. They explicitly forbid regular jeans but otherwise accepted normal clothes. Oddly enough, for girls severely trashed jeans and extremely short denim skirts were allowed despite the ban on jeans.

But more importantly, no one was forced to do anything. There was a discussion area with couches and a play area with raised stages to create a perimeter around the active players so that spectators know to keep their distance.

There are even drapes which can be used to isolate a play area from the rest in order to keep gawkers away.

Refreshments were served at a bar’s price but no alcohol was allowed on the property to keep it from being a public place according to our state laws.

Oddly enough, you needed to get a membership card to get admitted at the cost of 10$ per year, but it also gave you two 5$ rebates on your subsequent visits so if you came 3 times per year, your card was free.

Finally, I discovered that they have an official photographer on duty. He can uses his camera but your memory cards to take pictures of your party in a secure way, preventing to accidentally be photographed by another client. That service was free of charge but tipping was encouraged.

I saved the information and quickly got dressed to go out and buy a memory card. This Wednesday, if Richard agreed, we’d go scout the place out.

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