Pets Chapter 9 (Ellie): Lunch, served Hot.

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As soon as my last class of the evening was over, I ran toward the cafeteria. Richard and Amber had opened my eyes on a new world, and it seems as if I couldn’t wait to explore it.

I was disappointed to discover I was alone in our little corner of the cafeteria, but Amber quickly joined me in her usual place.

I once again noticed she straightened her skirt before sitting, so I asked her why.

“When I wear a skirt, Master Richard doesn’t let me wear panties and I must sit directly on the chair or bench if it is clean. Never on my skirt.”

I never seems to amaze me how different this life was from my own boring past.

“Can I ask you another question ?”

“Sure, Master Richard told me to treat you in the same way as I treat him, if you ask for that. I can call you Mistress Ellie or fetch your food.”

I didn’t know yet what to make of that, so I decided to just go an ask my question.

“What is your name ? Amber or Candy ?”

“My birth name is Amber. But when I became a submissive, I starting liking to be called Candy. Like a stripper or a prostitute. My friends use both, thinking Candy is a nickname, but it’s more than that to me. Master Richard uses it to mark his possession of me. When he calls me Amber, he refers to me as a person, and when he refers to me as Candy, he refers to me as his property.”

This property thing wasn’t so foreign to me. My father treated his employee somehow in the same way, but they didn’t actually volunteer for it.

“So, you do whatever Richard wants you to do ?”

“Everything that’s within my limits”

“What are those limits ?”

“I don’t want him to cut my skin, play with feces or with other guys. And it must not hurt my schooling, so he is limited in what he can do at school. Other than that, he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, using me as he sees fit. Oh, I also want to be able to enjoy pleasure from time to time, such as when I masturbated after our scene last night.”

It certainly sounded exiting compared to my dull life.

“For realĀ  ? What was the worst thing you had to do ?”

“Every new thing was the worst at first. Being tied, the paddle, sleeping on the floor, sleeping in the cage, the pony tail in the butt, golden showers. “

I interrupted her mid-sentence.

“Golden showers ?”

“When he urinates on me, usually in the bath to avoid the mess . Sometimes I even have to drink his urine. At first it was very degrading and gross. Now, it’s just degrading, but that’s exactly what I like about it. Sometimes, I even feel bad we can’t do it more often”

They certainly had a lot of options. Even if I set a lot of limits, there were a lot of options. And both of them said that I would also be able to try the same things on Candy. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I guess I’ll just let the time go by.

When Richard arrived, I regretted wearing pants so I couldn’t copy Candy’s sitting style. It just the three of us, so I excused myself and went to the bathroom for a minute.

When I came back, I sat next to Richard and gave him something under the table. He looked puzzled until he realized I had just giving him my panties.

I whispered to his ear : “You can keep this one. It’s a gift.”

I asked Richard what he had in mind for our date, but he simply asked if I really wanted to know. Seeing as I didn’t, I decided to not press the issue.

There was a lot of flirting with him. He hand feed me a carrot from Candy’s tray which seemed innocent enough but which was oddly arousing as if the torch was being passed between Candy and I.

The second time he feed me a carrot stick, I made sure to only bite half of it and simply make eye contact with Candy. Richard caught my intentions and hand feed the rest of the stick to his blond slave.

Sadly, some of our friends joined us and we had to interrupt our session, not without leaving me with a feeling of anticipation.

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