Pets Chapter 17(Candy): The Cage

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Richard entered our bedroom with his new girlfriend toward our bedroom. Next to the bed where we spent the night, was me in my steel cage. The bottom of the cage was over elevated by a few inches, which allowed Richard to install a metal tray with newspapers like on animal cages.

The first time he had shown it to me, I had walked back, almost calling him crazy that I would fit in it. Since that time, I had grown accustomed to it, sleeping as well in it as in a bed. The first few days, I begged him to let me out during the night for a pee, but I slowly got used to the tray.

Now, I enjoyed the freedom that peeing in the cage gave me. I felt it really reinforced my dog character in that I no longer urinated in the bathroom all of the time.

As always, I was in the foetal position when they arrived, but I decided to bark in excitement a few times to show I was not asleep.

Ellie held my master’s hand, possibly surprised at the display of a naked adult female locked in a cage. When Richard brought her closer to me however, she wasn’t backing away.

“Can I try ?”, she simply asked, never diverting her gaze from me in the cage.

Richard took my hand and I walked on all four out of the cage. I decided to sit down at his feet, letting my tongue out like a dog does when he is happy to see his master. I rubbed my head on his leg until she started to scratch my hair.

Meanwhile, Ellie slowly crawled down to enter it. I guess she was a little nervous.

As soon as she was inside, Richard locked the door behind her. She spend a few moments to analyze the space that was available around her, and asked me: “How do you manage to get some sleep in this thing ?”

I decided to break character and replied: “It’s surprising. At first, it’s hard to do, but now, I love it”

I looked at Ellie using to the cage, but soon, Richard had a new idea. He asked her to stay in and after opening the door, he motioned me to join her inside. He talked to me like a dog. I love how he does that.

It took a while before we were settled, and when we finally were comfortable, the position must really looked like I was spooning Ellie. Richard told me “Good dog” and I replied with a joyful bark.

He wished us a good nap and went in the Kitchen to eat his breakfast.

My mouth was near Ellie’s back, so I licked her like the good puppy I was. Ellie commented I was tickling her, prompting me to continue and widen my zone of action.

After a few minutes, Ellie asked me to stop and admitted she needed to go to the bathroom. I told her to just let go but she protested that she couldn’t.

I reassured her that it was alright but she insisted she couldn’t. Despite all of her complaints, I continue to lick her back until I felt a sudden wave of hot urine splash against my legs.

The wonderful warm liquid was initially coming slowly but soon enough the pressure increased and I was being splashed over my whole lower body.

The hot tingly sensation I had become accustomed too was just as humiliating and degrading as the first time.  Remaining silent, I gently tried to move around the cage until I had turned completely over. I just felt it disappointing that it wasn’t directed directly at my clitoris like Master Richard often did.

I think that Ellie tried to talk to me but I was too much in my zone to notice.

As soon as I finished moving, I started licking the urine which had dripped on my partner’s legs making sure to slowly get closer to the source. It felt refreshing to perform such a degrading cleaning task while I was still all wet myself.

I tried to reach her labia with my mouth to perhaps perform oral sex but sadly, the smallness of the cage didn’t allow for it.

After a few minutes, Richard came in and unlocked the door slightly breaking my concentration.

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