Pets Chapter 25(Candy): Supper

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I always loved being a pony girl for a long period of time.

It let me express my more animalistic desires and helps me be even more submissive.

Richard had often let me spend hours as a pony or a puppy, but being in the comfort of our apartment and strolling outside in the sun were two different experiences.

Of course, Ellie had changed the rules a lot. Since she came into our life, I’ve been wearing less and less clothes to join her in her own lifestyle just as she had joined mine.

Speaking of Ellie, when Richard had sex with her and they used me for support, it was sublime.

I really liked feeling all of their movements despite being unable to see anything. I used to love being used as an animal. It allowed me to almost turn off my brain.

But being used as a simple piece of furniture was even more exciting !

Since we had arrived at Ellie’s house we had only seen the exterior and one of the garages.

Ellie and I were still both wearing mittens so it was Richard who unlocked the front door letting us stroll inside while still in full pony girl gear.

The lobby was gigantic. Not only were we able to see a mezzanine on the second floor, but on either side of the lobby were two beautiful curved wooden staircases.

Wonderful paintings adorned the walls and I felt a little uneasy walking with my pony boot on the expensive granite floor.

I did try to avoid the hand made carpets but Richard was still pulling us on a leash, restricting our freedom of movement.

After a little exploration, we found the kitchen where Ellie and I were left to stand while our master search for towels for us to sit on.

Ellie must have known where to find some but made no gestures to help him. He eventually left us alone for a few minutes and came back with two white hand towels which he installed on the chairs of the breakfast nook of the kitchen.

Sitting on a chair with your hands tied between your back is hard enough, but since we both still had our pony tails inserted into our butts, it took quite a lot of trial and error to get to a comfortable position.

Since we still had out blinders on, I could only guess that Richard was cooking us something by the sound of the microwave.

After several minutes of silence, my puppy bowl from our apartment filled with alphabet canned pasta was laid on the table in front of me. When Richard removed my pony bit and sat in front of us, I realized that both Ellie and I were expected to eat as ponies and I buried my face in my lukewarm supper, eating like a 1 year old kid who dropped his spoon.

It was messy. It was barely delicious. It was the kind of meal you serve your slave during a BDSM session and as such, I was grateful for my master.

I had been used so long to eat my supper on the floor as a puppy that I had forgotten that a meal could still be served during a scene while sitting at a table.

Master Richard finished his meal first, having had the luxury of utensils and he decided to serve for his ponies a tall glass of water, holding it to let us drink alternatively.

Drinking from the same glass made me feel every more connected to my partner, Ellie. As soon as we were done with supper, my bit was put in place and we had to once more pull Richard in his new cart.

He really seemed to enjoy his new toy.

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