Pets Chapter 33(Richard): Bar Talk

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I never know when to arrive at events. I guess we once again arrived way too early because at the BDSM club, my initial impression was that only one patron was actually present on site.

We all sat at the bar and both of the girls remained silent, leaving me to engage the conversation with Robert, the barman who was the actual owner of the dungeon.

Well, to be honest, I didn’t even have time to engage him, he welcomed me and made presentations easy by explaining who he was and made sure I knew the rules about respect, photography and what was allowed and forbidden, mostly a ban on fire, needles, blood, unauthorised photography and drugs.

Diane, a transvestite in his forties (or should I say in her forties? I suck at that distinction) also introduced herself and insisted to not only shake my hand but also kiss Candy and Ellie on the cheeks, much to Candy’s discomfort.

I could feel that the girls were not in their element and the way Robert moved the conversation away from Diane and toward himself made me feel like he understood that Candy seemed to have a problem with her.

Was it because she was a Lesbian and was seeing mixed signals by seeing a transvestite? Was it just shyness? I couldn’t wait to ask her but Diane would most likely enter the conversation just like she had entered my conversation with Robert.

Fortunately, Robert is a fascinating man. He used to run a swingers club in the 1970s and got raided but by pure luck, he had been absent that evening and the police failed to present enough evidence that he was more than the landlord so he never got arrested.

From that point on, to survive, he converted his club to a BDSM place which was then safer legally because most BDSM dungeons had no sex and thus, couldn’t be raided as brothels.

His dungeon is the oldest surviving one in Baltimore, but of course it changed a lot over the years and it currently in it’s smallest incarnation due to a fire at their previous building.

I asked if that was why the playing with fire was banned, but quickly learned that the fire had not even started in their space but rather in the upstairs tenant’s loft.

I felt sad for them, but I could see that this man loved laughter and good company. He was jolly and easy to talk to. Diane on the other hand seemed rather unease and conflicted in some way.

I learned that the photographer isn’t an employee of the bar and that in fact, the only employee other than Robert himself was the man at the entrance, whose name escape me at the time of writing this account of the evening. I think it was Steven or Stephan or something like that but I wouldn’t bet on it.

I learned that the obese boy in the blue latex suit has both a feminizing and a servitude fetish so he comes every evening, pays his dues and helps people as an hostess would do.

Sadly, I also learned that on Wednesdays, it was rather calm and that a few regulars might attend later, but that it wasn’t sure.

“We open on Wednesdays as a fetish night mostly to allow almost private fetish parties. Many of our regulars wanted calm nights to practice their crafts or just have some privacy. Friday evenings are our big swingers night, so we reserved Thursdays for private swinger parties. If you want more fetish people, you need to come on Saturdays, that’s when the place is jammed packed”

I asked: “You are also a swinger club? Here ?”, I looked around and failed to see how it could work.

“Well, it doesn’t look the same then. We place sexy tapestries and mattresses on the scenes which double as makeshift bed bases. We split them apart and they make king size beds.”

At that precise moment, Ellie, who had remained just as silent as Candy but without fear in her eyes picked up her back pack and left for the restroom.

At first, I thought she had been offended either by Robert or perhaps because I wasn’t talking to her. I thought that maybe she had had enough and wanted to leave but when she reached the restroom, I felt reassured.

When she came back, I was deep into a conversation with Robert and didn’t notice Ellie until she laid her hand on my shoulder and said : “There, I feel better now.”

I turned my head and noticed that she had stripped entirely naked, walking barefoot and having only her collar on.

I stood up and kissed her, I mean, how else am I supposed to react to the sight of my naked and beautiful girlfriend?

She addressed Robert for the first time and asked : “Is nudity correct? If it’s not fine, I can dress back up”

With a wide smile, Robert simply told her: “Honey, provided you don’t wear jeans, you can wear whatever you want here, but please don’t be offended if people look at you. You are absolutely beautiful”.

Ellie sat back next to me and I noticed that Candy and her whispered things to each other, but I couldn’t hear what it was over Diane’s praise of Ellie’s courage.

So far, the night was rather interesting…

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