Pets Chapter 14(Candy): Sideview

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When Richard and Ellie started their scene, I stayed on the floor, moving only from time to time in order to get a full view of the action.

Ellie had looked wonderful with my blonde tail contrasting with her dark black hair. That butt plug had only ever been in my behind, but now, I felt trilled to see it in front on my eyes in hers. I couldn’t wait to use it again knowing it had been inside of her.

Initially, I decided to stay where I was, but my excitement only grew in intensity as Richard slowly increased the pain level he was inflicting her with.

When she asked him to fuck her, I started masturbating as the two lovers were ignoring me.

Near climax, when I saw from the opened bedroom door that she was now on top of him, her naked back exposed to me, I decided to make my own luck.

Silently, I crawled on the floor to avoid being seen, and once I reached the bed, I climbed it while trying to avoid startling my master and his new toy.

Hoping they would approve, I gently started kissing Ellie on the back which appeared to send shivers down her spine.

I put my hand on top of hers, to see her reaction and to my surprise, she held it with a passion. I could see Richard’s silent approval.

I slowly made a kissing line from her back toward her breasts. I wanted to make sure I got somewhere before Richard made her climax, reducing my chances of rejection.

Once I arrived on her left nipple, I gently sucked it between my lips, trying to induce a good mixture of pleasure and pain in my partner.

When I paused and looked up, I see she was intensely meeting my gaze, locking her pupils on mine. I gradually decreased the distance between our lips until she slightly tilted her head, averting a nose collision.

We kissed for what seemed several minutes as I was caressing her back with one hand, and one of her breast with the other.

When Richard started caressing her other breast, Ellie hesitantly moved one of her hands to caress my much smaller breasts, before deciding to continue toward my pubis.

Ellie’s fingers were unaccustomed  to explore another woman’s private area, but her hand showed definite interest in providing me with pleasure, even if my own body demanded more at this moment.

Shortly after, her hand left my side as she started to contract most of her muscles, also breaking our embrace. Seconds later, she was climaxing surprisingly in silence, before collapsing on the bed, next to Richard.

My poor master hadn’t climaxed yet, so I started performing oral sex on his dick wrapped with a condom covered in Ellie’s delicious juice.

Once I felt Richard’s orgasm, I kissed his navel, thanked him for the privilege of having performed oral sex on him, like I am expected to.

I turned to Ellie, and thanked her for the privilege of having been able to caress and kiss her, and for her pleasurable touches.

Still half conscious, she replied hesitantly : “I think I love you both”. Richard kissed her on the head, replying. “I love you too Ellie.”

My heart was still to fixated on her words to reply that ever since I first saw her, I had been deeply in love with her.

Eventually, Richard went to the bathroom and put some boxers on, but I don’t think either Ellie or I actually moved until the next day.

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