Suzy and Jill Chapter 20: Naked

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The kids somehow got to bed a little earlier than usual. There was a lot of sexual tension in the house and everyone seemed on the edge.

By the time Suzy and I had tucked in the kids, Jill had setup in our room the camera on its tripod and had stripped entirely naked.

Once the door was locked, she practically launched herself at me, stripping me equally nude with Suzy’s help.

Within seconds, the three of us were naked on the bed. Jill was sucking my dick while I was performing oral sex on Suzy, who was herself kissing Jill’s breasts.

We were each very excited but I had to maintain my cool and soon asked Jill to stop. I knew from experience that condoms slowed down my reaction time and I didn’t want my first bare penetration in over a year to end prematurely.

To make matters worse, I had never performed a bareback sodomy and didn’t want to miss out, especially if I would be out of order in only 2 days.

Jill moved up on the bed to kiss Suzy. At that point, both girls were playing with their partner’s breasts and I could feel that Suzy was getting ready for me to penetrate her.

I was about to come in, but Jill insisted to give me a good luck kiss, on the tip of my dick.

I slowly approached my wife’s cunt while both woman were wantonly looking at my endeavour. The moment my tip touched her sensuous lips, old memories resurfaced of the greater sensibility direct skin to skin contact offered. I gently moved forward until I was finally able to touch the end wall of my wife’s cunt.

I remembered my old tricks and instead of starting intercourse right away, I let the temperatures of our body equalize while I kissed alternatively both of my woman.

After a few seconds of delay, I started to slowly move while making sure that the top of my groin brushed again my wife’s clitoris, doubling her pleasure.

I moved more slowly, more delicately than I usually had done since the three of us joined forces, but somehow this didn’t make Suzy react any less.

I noticed after a few minutes that Jill was no longer on the bed. I searched around the room to realize that she had removed the camera from the tripod and she was now filming us having passionate sex.

I took the cue to be more visually active with Suzy, who had since closed her eyes. In addition to my penetration, I licked and kissed her breasts when I wasn’t French kissing her or licking her neck behind her ears.

Suzy opened her eyes and saw her younger partner holding the camera. Instead of freaking out, she also decided to make a scene by verbally expressing her pleasure. Well, it wasn’t actually verbal, but you know what I mean.

Jill took a few close shots of our experience but as soon as Suzy came, she put the camera back on the tripod and jumped on the bed.

“I’ve always wanted to do that…”, she said prior to pushing me on my back next to Suzy and proceeding to suck my dick, licking parts of Suzy’s lubricant away.

Once she stopped, she inserted her fingers into her very wet pussy and proceeded to add more lubricant on my erect shaft.

Quickly, she jumped on the bed to position herself along my side, presenting her back to me.

She guided me inside her rectum and I admit I had a little problem entering, but once I was in, the sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt before.

I always thought that the condom removed a little sensibility during a penetration but with sodomy, it was night and day !

I had to severely control myself to prevent from ejaculating at the moment of entry, but after a few moments, I managed to get a good rhythm which almost felt like I was penetrating her, but with more tension on the point of entry.

It was certainly in no way inferior to a plain and simple penetration.

Suzy had recovered in the mean time and had decided to go to Jill’s side of the bed, pushing us over.

Both girls continued to kiss each other but I noticed that Suzy was caressing Jill’s clitoris and lips from the front.

A few times, I had the distinct and clear impression I was about to come but I each times managed to calm the pressure down until I could almost explode from the tension.

It’s at that moment that Jill managed to release her own pressure with a loud orgasm which I think shook the entire bed.

I was almost ready to ejaculate inside of her but Jill moved away and I pulled out. A little sad at the lack of a resolution, Jill instead pushed me on my back and resumed her earlier fellatio, despite knowing full well where my dick had been a few seconds ago.

It only took me a few seconds to cum violently in her throat, which she made sure to all keep inside of her mouth.

She straightened up and gently opened her mouth in front of the camera, possibly showing her mouth was filled with my own sperm, but instead of swallowing it up, she took Suzy by the neck and sealed her mouth with a deep kiss, visibly pushing some of the content of her mouth into the throat of her partner.

Jill visibly swallowed what was left and order Suzy to do the same, after turning her face toward the camera.

With an almost silent complicity, both girls cuddled me, each under one arm, kissing each other while I caressed their back and their hair.

Not only was the evening fucking good, I think we had also made ourselves the most amazing amateur porn video ever filmed.

I couldn’t wait to not only watch it, but also to repeat the experience.

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