Lizzie Chapter 13: Rewarding Tim

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Kylie was getting on my nerves and I seriously wanted to break her things in the apartment.

Sure, perhaps she was right, perhaps there were bad people in the Sacred Order Society. But this didn’t mean that it was wrong from the ground up.

Perhaps I was being innocent and was feeling like a prey to a sexual predator group but my gut instinct was telling me the opposite.

If there were rotten apples in the group, I should concentrate on raising as high as I could within the organization and kick them out.

All I needed was another recruit to let me officially ask to become a silver member. I walked to Greg’s locker hoping to find him. Sadly, despite waiting almost an hour while reading one of my textbooks failed to produce him in the vicinity.

I left a detailed note with my contact information in it and wondered what else I could do when remembered I still had to reward Tim for his obedience when I was napping with Stephanie.

I gave him a call and was happy to hear that he too had the morning off from classes.

Excited, I ran to his room as if my life depended on it and threw myself in his arms, promptly kissing him as if he was actually my boyfriend.

Once the door was closed, I quickly stripped naked, unashamed of showing my body and laid on the bed, motioning him with my finger to get closer to me.

All I kept was my chain around my neck which held a precious padlock key.

When he approached however, I stopped him. “Get naked first”.

He stripped almost as fast as I did but of course couldn’t remove his chastity belt by himself.

With a flirty tone I told him : “Ooh, I forgot about that. I wanted to reward you for your performance the last time but I can’t. You are all locked up.”

I used my hand to grabbed his cage and I could feel his muscles tensing and gently moving the assembly as his body tried to harden his penis. Sadly for him, the tube was just the proper size to prevent enough blood from gorging the tissue and providing him with some well deserved relief.

I knew his desire was to be kept locked up but the way I understood it, what that meant was being teased and controlled.

“But wait, what do I have in here ? That’s right, the key to your manhood. The key I need to feel you inside of me”

“Lizzie, you know that…”. I interrupted him and took a serious loud tone with him.

“Shut up slave. I didn’t give you permission to talk. You will do what I want you to do and if that includes ejaculating for me, that’s what you’ll do. Is that understood ?”

He looked at me with passion in his eyes. I hard struck a nerve and clearly excited him.

“Yes mistress”

“That’s more like it. ”

I took the key without removing it from my chain and unlocked the padlock, without removing it from the pin holding the cage in place.

“What do you have to say for you yourself ?”

“Thank you mistress. Do what you want of me mistress ?”

“How long have you been chaste ?”

“It has been 2 days since I penetrated your temple, mistress”

“It’s not long enough. I want you to beg me to take you.”. I relocked the padlock and could sense him relaxing, knowing he was going to experiment with his latest desire for a little longer.

I pulled him on the bed so he could lay on his back next to me.

“You were a good slave yesterday. I will reward you now, but you need to keep your hands behind your head until I let you do it otherwise. Is that clear ?”

“Yes mistress”

I simply began performing oral sex on his hard plastic cage. I knew his penis was within my mouth, but it was isolated from me by the cage.

I could hear Tim moaning in what I could only describe as frustration, so I decided to up the ante. His balls weren’t encased in the tube so I began rubbing them with my fingers.

I knew that balls were sensitive on a man but not enough to make them come. It seemed to increase his skirmishing around and thus I presumed, his interest.

Sadly, with either of us unable to feeling anything sexually, I could have gone forever. Normally, a climax liberates at least one of the sex partners but at this rate, my muscles would give way soon.

So, I decided it was time to just get my own orgasm the old fashion way.

I pulled slightly apart and kissed the tip of the cage. In an almost cartoonish way I spoke to Tim’s penis. “Do you think you’ll see the light of day soon, little toy ? I don’t think so… ”

I laid myself next to Tim and kissed him on his shoulder before starting to rub my clitoris frantically to try and get closer to orgasm.

I could see Tim looking at my nude body and decided to turn my back to him to block his view, but not without pressing my ass firmly against him so he could feel every spasm of my body.

Instead of masturbating in silence, I let out blurbs intended to scare him off a little : “Yes, I love it that I have power” and other mindless banters.

I did finally come by my own hands but I decided to keep it quiet to deprive him of the joy of hearing me cum.

After a little pause, I kneeled on his stomach and brushed my pussy lips on his hairy chest to leave a scented reminder of our session.

“Don’t wash until I see you again tonight. I want you to be able to smell me all day. Don’t move until I will have left…”

I kissed the tip of his cage one more time and promptly got dressed. I didn’t know what he thought of my performance, but I was rather pleased with myself.

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