Lizzie Chapter 6: Penetrated

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Tim and I ran to his room. We both had experimentation we wanted to do and the sooner we could get it done the better it would be.

As soon as his door was closed, I jumped in his arms, kissing him passionately. I Kicked my shoes and began unbuttoning his shirt in an almost constant motion.

We broke our kiss to let him remove the shirt and I took the occasion to remove my blouse, leaving both of us topless.

He took a long look at my naked breasts and I took the pause as a sign to go further and I unzipped my skirt, letting it simply fall on the floor, completely exposing me.

I was exited. Tim was very handsome and I knew I could have whatever I wanted tonight, or another other day for that matter.

But I wanted to see his equipment so I tried to untie his belt and unbutton his jeans and failed to do so. I don’t know why, but I’ve never been able to remove the pants off a boy without his help.

Nevertheless, he helped me and soon enough we were both naked on his bed, kissing side by side.

Well, Tim wasn’t actually naked. His dick was encased in a slightly curved downward metal tube which was held in place by a locked strap doing behind his balls. The strap was held in place by a small padlock underneath the strap, locking the two halves in place and preventing him from removing the tube.

The tube was shaped like a penis, along with a bulge at the tip and a little hole at the end. He still needed to pee, I guessed. There were also small holes along the tube to let his skin breathe and ease cleaning up, I presumed.

I touched the tube and it felt a little cold. I decided to play with it a little to see what Tim could feel.

“Nothing. Nothing at all. I can see you touching it, but my body doesn’t register anything. I know my penis is pushing against the walls to get an erection but the inside isn’t wide enough and long enough to allow it.”

I indeed could confirm it wasn’t as long as his penis was when we had sex earlier, but it seemed just as wide. Perhaps the sides were thicker than I thought.

“Is it frustrating to have a beautiful girl lying naked next to you and not being able to feel anything ?”

“Yes. Oh yes.”, he said, as I was caressing his stomach with my other hand.

“Then lick me. Eat me out. Show me you care”

I turned on my back and let him put his mouth between my legs. He licked my genitals with attention to my clitoris, but clearly lacked technique.

He mostly was wetting me and not really pleasing me. Notably, his tongue was too fast and he let too much saliva transfer over.

But it wasn’t all unpleasant. It re-ignited the pleasure center of me brain and slowly let tension build up. My respiration grew deeper and my body started to tingle slightly.

I was getting somewhere despite all of his efforts it was clear after a few minutes I wouldn’t climax.

So, instead, I asked him to fetch a condom.

He excitedly ran toward his drawer and pulled out an unopened box of 12 along with a bottle of water-base lubricant.

He was about to rid one of the condom’s envelopes open but I put my hand on his to show him to stop. He looked at me confused and I took charge of the operation.

I placed the disk of the condom on the top of the tube and slowly unrolled it. I had heard that some girls often punctured them with their fingernails but I always kept mine well trimmed, like a boy.

Tim pulled out the lubricant, but I stopped him. It wasn’t too much that I was wet from excitement, but I felt that he had put enough saliva to get the ball rolling.

He carefully guided the tube toward my open lips. As I predicted, he didn’t have much trouble entering.

The first few strokes were hesitant, careful and I could barely feel them.

But soon enough, Tim was a lot more vigorous and resumed kissing me, pressing his muscular torso against my breasts.

I always loved going down on a woman. The taste of our juice is delectable to my palate and my own isn’t an exception to the rule. I never went so far so I voluntarily taste my own cunt, but I always loved to kiss my lover as they performed oral sex on me.

Each time, it somehow increased the sensitivity of my naughty parts and this time wasn’t an exception.

Less than 2 hours ago, Tim’s dick had been inside of me, almost naked. He wasn’t as hard as the tube was now and as such, didn’t press as hard against my g-spot and the walls of my vagina.

Thanks to the condom, the texture was the same, but the feeling was firmer, harder. It only increased my own perception, allowing me to drift toward my climax with the added bonus that I knew I had no time limits.

Tim would continue until I told him to stop and would never come before me. Or at all.

As I slowly lost my grasp on time, I let the pressure build-up until I finally exploded in one of the best orgasms of my life.

Tim clearly saw it since he slowed down and pulled out to spoon me once I rolled on my side.

Half asleep already, I just remained silent as he held me in his arms. When I was slowly drifting to sleep, I could have swore that Tim was crying but I didn’t have enough energy to actually ask him why and instead, dreamed of sexual ceremonies and rows of naked men with chastity belts.

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