Lizzie Chapter 15: New boy

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Stephanie waited for me at the entrance of the restaurant and warmed up when she saw me. We both kissed and embraced before I located Greg sitting at a table, reading a physics book.

“Hi, I thought it was you”, replied Greg, smiling, when he saw me. I guess he wasn’t 100% sure I was the same girl he spoke to in front of his locker a few days ago.

I made the presentations and we quickly went down to business.

“When we first spoke Greg, you mentioned you would like to pledge yourself to me once I would have joined and as you can see from my brooch, it is now done. However, I might have you pledge yourself to Stephanie here, who is already sealed with me. In a way, it will mean that you will get two girls to boss you around”

Greg: “It was about time I had a chance. I was getting the impression I was getting scammed”

I was surprised at his answer. “What do you mean ?”

“I paid my two thousand bucks and they put this chastity thing on me without even giving me the chance to meet any girls. If us guys don’t wear our brooch, they fine us 100$, but if you girls don’t wear it no one says anything.”

This was the first time anyone mentioned anything about money, “wait, wait, wait… you paid 2000$ to join ?”

“Yeah, and 200$ per month after that. I just paid my first monthly fee but I sure wasn’t going to pay my second one without any chances of scoring. I mean, I haven’t seen my dick in over a month ! I knew the cost was just for membership and I never expected girls to just come running toward me. But I thought there would be social occasions where I could present myself. Heck, I wouldn’t mind a party every week where we just get to mingle with the ladies. I’d even show up naked if they requested it, after the initiation, I got the impression they really liked that. But this is ridiculous. The only girl with a brooch I ever see is the girl who milks me. Talk about personal touch: she’s gay for crying out loud.”

“Yeah, I’m sealed to her. From now on, I’m the one who will do the milking on the unsealed guys, that’s our deal. By the way, unlike her, I like boys too.”

“Wait, wait”, asked Stephanie, “What’s milking ?”

Greg explained : “If we go too long without ejaculation, it’s bad for our prostate, but with our chastity thing we can’t even get an erection. So, to let us ejaculate without getting us out, they insert a plastic thing in your rectum and press against your prostate from the inside until the reserves of sperm have been emptied. We don’t get hard and we don’t come. Oddly enough, it’s not unpleasant, but I am going crazy without any orgasms! Before joining, I had never spent more than 48 hours without jacking off. A month without coming is making me totally insane. And yet, I am so much more focused on my studies… I can’t say I totally hate it.”

“That’s not right. I spoke to Annie a few times and I always got the impressions there were events organized for the newcomers. Maybe you didn’t hear about them. I’ll find out and inform the other new unsealed guys that I attend to. But for you, you have a real chance today. Just tell us what you are looking for”

“Well, I am a theoretical physics PhD student. It’s not like there’s a lot of interested girls in my building. My males colleagues hit so often on the few girls in our classes that they stay as much away as possible. I am not a model or an expert with girls, but I never thought I’d spend years at a University without landing a date. ”

I replied, “You won’t get to really date either of us, you realize that, right ? ”

“Of course, I am not stupid. But if it means a little sex from time to time, then I’ll be better off than before I joined.”

“Oh, there should be sex, but not necessarily what you have in mind all of the time. You’ll be our toy. You might have to do things you won’t always like. And you won’t always get out of that chastity thing, like you called it.”

“Well, I am not sure I’ll mind it. I don’t have a lot of experience with sex, but I am open-minded or I wouldn’t have joined the society. But please, can I at least get a weekly relief instead of the milking… and if possible, not always through masturbation. I mean, if possible.”

I looked at Stephanie and she nodded to me, indicating he wasn’t completely unattractive to her.

“I can’t promise it will be the complete end of the milking. We might tease you from time to time just to vary things, but I think otherwise you have a deal. You’ll probably have to do things you don’t like to earn your releases, but hey, you’ll get to choose how much you want it.”

“Awesome”, he looked totally relieved to finally be able to get partners, even if he didn’t know what he was getting into. I was beginning to enjoy bossing Tim around and having two guys at my feet gave me a power I only wanted to abuse… just to see how far I can push it.

“I already have an appointment to get my third sealed member tomorrow morning. If you don’t have any classes then, I could have your sealing to Stephanie to occur right afterwards.”

Greg kissed each of our hands and thanked us for our generosity.

But at the same time, he hinted to serious problems in the society. Would I be able to change anything ? Was it related to Kylie’s conspiracy theories ?

Were they trying to keep new recruits at an arm’s distance

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