Lizzie Chapter 26: Interrogating Greg

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I got dressed in a jiffy. Saturdays used to mean something when I was kid: morning cartoons.

It was time I made my own cartoons, so decided to drop by Greg’s room.

I knocked and visibly woke him up. “Hello Lizzie”, he replied, half-asleep.

“That’s Mistress Lizzie for you, slave boy…”

He stood up serious.

“Yes, Mistress Lizzie”.

“Are you alone?”

“Yes, Mistress Lizzie. My roommate goes home on week-ends.”

“Perfect, let’s have some fun…”

I pushed him inside and closed the door behind me.

“Naked. Now. Then kneel and grovel…”

Greg quickly removed his PJ and soon enough, was naked, kneeling at my feet and telling how not worthy he was of my attention, etc… but it was clear he didn’t mean any of it. He was actually rather cocky.

“Get on the bed, place your hands under your head, under the pillow”, I quickly ordered and without seconds, I had tied one of the PJ’s legs around his eyes as a blindfold. I did a few moves with my hands in front of his head, and he didn’t flinch. Good…

I undressed, and placed myself on top of him, with my legs spread on each side of his legs, my stomach pressing on his cage, and my breasts resting on his stomach.

“What’s your name, slave boy…”

“Greg Tisher, Mistress”

“Why are you wearing a plastic thing on our dick?”

“It’s the rules of the sacred society, Mistress”

“Who paid for it?”

“I did. I cost me $2000 Mistress”

“How did you pay it?”

“With cash Mistress”, he seemed hesitant, so I whispered, “I mean, how did you give the money”

“Oh. I placed it in an envelope and deposited it in the Sacred Society mailbox, Mistress”

We have a mailbox?

“Where is that mailbox?”

“In the Hawkings buildling, sub basement B, it’s under the north stairwell Mistress.”


“What would you do to get unlocked from your little cage?”

“Anything Mistress”

“Would you let me sit on your face?”

“Oh, please yes Mistress…”

So, I moved and installed myself so that Greg could lick my pussy with his tongue, and quickly remembered why I didn’t like that position, not at all… It is awkward, the boy cannot move easily, I am forced in a weird position.

“This doesn’t work, Slaveboy…”

“Sorry Mistress”

So, I decided to skip the teasing, well, almost. I knew that after days of chastity, this boy wouldn’t last long, so I would instead use my hands.

I fetched the key and quickly unlocked the little padlock. I felt so powerful holding that key I honestly wondered if my future husband would be allowed access to his own genitals. It was thrilling to completely control a man’s sexuality while being given free reign over mine!

If I get the courage, I’ll talk to Jill about it, but I fear for my father’s sexuality…

Within seconds of the cage having been removed, Greg’s penis was fully at attention, reading for pleasing.

At first, I wanted to give him oral sex, but when I first touched his dick, I realized there was still some baby oil on it, as recommended to avoid chaffing.

That might help him with comfort, but it wouldn’t help me with the taste… Yuck.

So, I began giving him a hand job. At least, the skin wasn’t too dry. In fact, it was the softest penis I had ever touched thanks to daily application of baby oil.

As I predicted, Greg responded very well to stimulation. He could buckle, responding to pleasure, moan a little and thank me verbally a few times.

I stayed silent. If only he could see my grin…

After about 3 minutes, I switch hand. It’s tiring, you know? But before I had to switch back, I could feel Greg approaching the breaking point and just abruptly stopped short of it.

He begged me to continue and so, I did.

It was much faster for him to reach the brink of an orgasm, and as soon as he did, I stopped once more.

“What are you doing?”, he asked.

“Oh, that was a mistake…”

“Sorry, I meant, What are you doing, Mistress?”.

“You know, I can put the cage back on and leave you here…”

“No, please, I meant no disrespect. Do what you want Mistress”

“That’s more like it”, I said, while continuing my work, pumping his erect, neglected dick, switching once more my hand and seeing that each time, Greg seemed much higher in his excitement AND frustration.

I once again stopped just at the brink, but finally, what goal was achieved: Greg ejaculated anyway, but I knew he didn’t have an actual orgasm.

“What was that…. Mistress”. There was a pause before the salutation, showing he was very surprised.

“It’s called a Ruined Orgasm and it’s one of the most frustrating things you can do a boy…”

“You bet! It’s awful. I could feel that I was ejaculating but I didn’t really get an orgasm. Mistress”.

“Clean yourself, go take a shower, don’t pleasure yourself, and when you get back, I’ll be here waiting for you, naked under your covers, for some conventional sexual fun..”

“for real Mistress?”

“Oh, and until the cage gets put back on, you can stop with the formalities… you’ll be my lover, not my slave.”

“Awesome! Can I remove the blindfold?”

“Go ahead…”

Greg looked at me, and just yelled in excitement: “God, you are so beautiful”. As a response, I kissed him…

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